In 1997, Seattle-based Tooth & Nail Records was taking the world by storm. Not only was the budding label helping launch the career of groups like MxPx and Staflyer 59, but their ever-increasing roster was also mounting in diversity; So much diversity, in fact, that Tooth & Nail decided they needed an entire new outlet for their hard music groups. Thus came the formation of Solid State Records. Bands like Strongarm, Overcome, Zao, Living Sacrifice and Training for Utopia were quick to join the roster, making the label an instant source of credibility. Housing everything from metal to hardcore and screamo, each release seemed to bring their own sense of originality and creativity helping to establish Solid State even further in the heavy music community.

Since the start, the label has been quick to pick up young and promising acts, and with time, eventually breed success from the undeniable potential that made them such rare finds. Most recently, bands like Norma Jean and Underoath have developed into Solid State's most successful and promising groups as they have evolved and matured with the label.

Today, Solid State's bands can be seen anywhere from Headbanger's Ball to Fuse, and some of the most well-received tours in the nation. And now with a fresh crop of artists on the horizon, along with those already established groups making their mark, there's no doubt Solid State Records will continue to flourish and make an impact in 2005 and beyond.


Official Website: http://www.solidstaterecords.com

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Experimental / Progressive / Hardcore

Castleton, IN

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The Famine Pro

Metal / Death Metal

United States

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Oh, Sleeper Pro

Metal / Rock

Fort Worth, TX

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Soul Embraced Pro

Metal / Hardcore

Blue Hill, AR

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Post Hardcore / Experimental / Metal

Cleveland, OH

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Advent Pro


Winston-Salem, NC

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Gwen Stacy Pro

Christian / Hardcore / Experimental

Indianapolis, IN

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Living Sacrifice Pro

Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore

Little Rock, AR

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Becoming The Archetype Pro

Metal / Death Metal / Progressive

Dacula, GA

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The Chariot Pro

Hardcore / Post Hardcore

Atlanta, GA

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The Showdown Pro

Rock / Metal / Alternative

Nashville, TN

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mychildren mybride Pro

Christian / Metal / Hardcore

Madison, AL

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Screamo / Hardcore / Alternative

Tampa, FL

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Norma Jean Pro

Metal / Metalcore


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Haste The Day Pro

Metal / Hardcore / Screamo

Indianapolis, IN

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Demon Hunter Pro

Metal / Alternative

Seattle, WA

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