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Bay Area Indie Music Fest Takes Slight Breather, Prepares for Next Year

The Casual Lean once again grace the front page of PUREVOLUME.COM with their unkempt mugs in an in-studio acoustic performance of three great songs. They sound fantastic and you need to check it out. They play The Deer, Bride of Kirkenstein and Real Kids. It should hit the spot wherever you are on this beautiful Friday afternoon.

If you have not picked up a copy of Swears then you are shamed. Go to your local independent record store and shimmy on down to the C-section. Funny, I got here by shimmying through a c-section. That joke goes out to my mom. Thanks Rosemizzle!

The Bay Area Indie Fest went off with a slightly delayed but nevertheless resounding BANG last Saturday and although every first-year festival has its hitches, it was an overall success and everyone involved cannot wait until next year for bigger and better things. And audible vocals.

The Transit War played around 4:30pm to what was possibly the largest crowd of the day and came back with new friends and fans, and much less merchandise. Brad and business partner Javier\'s sunglass and clothing company Evode also did quite well; check them out.

It was great to hang with all of the bands; I would like to thank IMEEM.COM for all of their support and Erica of Chipotle for saving the day with about 100 VIP burritos.

Milktree Records has started accepting band submissions as we renovate the label for a January coming out party. If you or someone you know is in a working band serious about taking their dreams on the next step toward realization then cruise over to www.milktreerecords.com and fill out our application of sorts.


Alright keep the dream alive,

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Posted Aug 31, 2007 at 12:00am


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