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The first ever (weekly) Orange Peal Award for Excellence in Text Messaging goes to...

Aaron (A*Fresh) Thompson from The Stranger\'s Six. After a night in the beautiful town/ mound of Yuma, Arizona last week, the dialogue between us went like this:

Aaron: So much drama last night...

OPR Anchorman: Everyone alive, sort of fed and out of jail?

Aaron: Sort of... all of our hotel furniture is somehow outside

OPR Anchorman: Amazing. I just canceled your tour.

Alas, we did not cancel their tour. In fact, the show will go on starting in Santa Barbara today, July 11th at Velvet Jones. I mention this particular show because the bill is STACKED with fellow partiers C24C, Demasiado, The Dance, and Mike Francis.

So if you\'re around the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, CA drop on by! We\'re making the trip from our Bay Area offices because of the extreme levels of debauchery that will inevitably happen.

The Sixxx will be cruising up the coast through Seattle, then back down through the desert of California, to Vegas and back to San Diego where I\'m sure they will all separately (and collectively) involve themselves in some serious mirror-crying. Mirror-crying is obviously the act of looking into your life and, well, sobbing uncontrollably, wiping away the tears and getting back to that life. This might happen after a long day at work, a morning where you wake up next to something that appeared to be much different (or not) the night before, or even just being the last person picked in sloshball or whatever.

Anyways, as someone thoroughly involved with Orange Peal artists on a day to day basis, I seldom play any CD\'s from these fantastic musicians. I mean I hear clips of their stuff all day long while updating this and that... talk about some serious mirror-crying. However, the other day I gave The Casual Lean\'s Swears a listen again and man: that is a solid mofo\'in record! The whole CD flows fantastically, throughout, then dips into what will undoubtedly be their lighter-raising, prepubescent girl-screaming song \"The Deer,\" then finishes with a bang. The release date of Swears July 31st.

Quickly, two snippets from reviews of Swears:

\"Needless to say, this record is one that will grow like a weed in your player. It will keep coming back no matter how much you take it out, yet it will somehow magically reappear and will be there in the background until you finally realize, it isnt a weed at all, but instead, a beautiful flower. Do yourself a favor and start leaning on The Casual Lean!!! \" -Skyline Press

\"Swears is a bouncy and witty album with an emphasis on good times, angular riffage, and shaky rhythms.\" -pastepunk.com (I would recommend reading the entire review as it is well-written and at least adequately researched...)

Purevolume.com will have The Casual Lean as featured artists for the week prior to the release date and our boys will be performing live in the Purevolume.com studio on 7/18. The video of that performance will be available for all to rejoice in a few days later. A national tour would certainly follow that, and us Left-Coasters can\'t wait.

The Transit War are back on the road, making curtain calls in Arizona in July, then returning for another legendary Casbah show with Spell Toronto in early August.

Other than that we\'re just livin\' the dream over here, preparing for a monumental announcement in coming weeks. Orange Peal Records will be taking on the world, so stay tuned.

Alright keep the dream alive,

Orange Peal Anchorman

Posted Jul 10, 2007 at 12:00am


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