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Genres: Acoustic / Folk Rock

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Live from the Living Room (3 New Songs Posted!)

I've been meaning to do this for a few months now and I've finally gotten around to it! As per my previous note, "Live from the Living Room" is a loose collection of songs that I've recorded (in 2008) essentially live from my house with a mic and my iMac. Most of the songs have been done in one or two takes and often the vocal and piano tracks are done together. It's raw, it's really rough and I make mistakes.

"So what's the point?" you ask yourself "Why don't you just keep doing takes until you get it perfect?". Well, this is what the music sounds like - we make mistakes in music and in some strange way that seems to add to the beauty of it all. One day, when the finances are there, I'll get into a studio and I'll get a band together and we'll make an album that has a lot less mistakes, but in someways, I think that live off the floor feel will continue to work so well.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the tunes, hope that my falsetto attempts in "Beautiful" aren't too breathtaking, and hope that you can sit back and relax to some raw acoustic tunes that I've written over the past several years.


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