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  • beedee said:
    i love you guys!! i first heard songs of your first album. i love them and think they\'re the best!! but strong tower is also great!! i just love your lyrics. they\'re so truth. keep real and much blessing to everyone of you. Jan 19
  • Singing Queen #7 said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 12
  • fldwnby said:
    kutless U ROK godspeed Jan 10
  • wes9609 said:
  • ChristianMusicLover_101 said:
    hey guys! it\'s me, Bethany! Dec 07
  • JAK3B B3ND3R said:
    Hey... Will you guys make Shut Me Out Downloadable? I LOVE THAT SONG!!! Thanks Dec 06
  • said:
    you guys are awesome..... i love ur concerts!!!! Nov 20
  • mizz smizz said:
    You guys are the reason I listen to christian music. The first time I heard you guys I decided to stop listening to all the worldly junk. Nov 01
  • said:
    you are the best Sep 24
  • theendiznear said:
    i saw u guys at creation you were awesome way better than the closers the newboys u guys shouldve closed u guys rock u just have awesome beats with great christian lyrics i love u guys Sep 19
  • The Follower said:
    yall should really put some stuff from your first album on here. that album was amazing. XP Aug 24
  • davidlhcaz said:
    You guys need to finish a new cd, it\'s been a while. You rock Aug 14
  • said:
    i luv ur music!! u rock!!! Aug 07
  • philipphunderground said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 31
  • gal40 said:
    Ya\'ll rawk, I love the HUGE poster in my room, it makes my room look \"home-y\"! Jul 30
  • said:
    i love ur new cd!! it rocks!!!! Jul 23
  • katie731 said:
    Hey Guys, My name is Katie and I am a Band Service Agent for the Western US Region of the 2007 Bodog Battle. I came across your website and I think your would be a great addition to the competition. I thought your song Beyond the Surface was awesome. If you%u2019re curious about what the Battle looks like in action, check out the Bodog Music Battle Of The Bands TV Show, which airs every Wednesday on the FUSE network. Sign up now and you could be a part of it! Jul 13
  • deann20032002 said:
    hey whats up guys just stopping by to say hello. Jul 09
  • deann20032002 said:
    hey whats up guys just stopping by to say hello. Jul 09
  • deann20032002 said:
    hey whats up guys just stopping by to say hello. Jul 09

Events (14)

Apr 24

Wayne, NE

7:00pm at Wayne Community Activity Center
Apr 25

Lincoln, NE

7:00pm at Lincoln Berean Church
Apr 26

Joplin, MO

7:00pm at Calvary Baptist
Apr 27

Louisville, KY

7:00pm at Louisville Waterfront Park
May 01

Boca Raton, FL

7:00pm at Boca Raton Community Church