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  • Just a Small Town Country Girl, Loving Her City Boy (: said:
    I'm thinking of going to your concert in a couple weeks =D Aug 08
  • Atarias said:
    Thanks for the show you guys are gonna play in Tyro on the 11th! Seriously, what are the chances that you and Disciple would come to Tyro, a town of 200? Good thing Tyro has a good-sized church! See ya then! Aug 07
  • Matt (The Guitarist For Dead For Him) said:
    Hey everyone check out my band at Purevolume.com/deadforhim Jul 22
  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
    Incredible. Jul 16
  • xXx_xXx said:
    like your songs very much keep going!(^_^)... Jul 05
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    Check out my youtube account account.... http://www.youtube.com/longboardskillz Jul 02
  • xXx_xXx said:
    i like kutless!...=] Jun 02
  • -ams- said:
    Hey guys. I met you a couple years ago in California in an elevator at International Youth Convention hah Just stopping by to say that you guys are great!! Jun 01
  • SteveALIL said:
    can't wait to open for you guys in NL May 18
  • Robin 1 said:
    I saw you guys play at the ultimate event in England last night and it was awsome. I now have sea of faces going round my head. You need to come back!!!! Thanx a lot guys God bless :) May 10
  • jestoftime said:
    You guys rock you need to come to SC's Winter jam May 08
  • Skiller said:
    sup hey james remember ur fave skyler haha?!! thats me man! THE skyler is back and james....u still rock. May 04
  • HamstersAreFomMars said:
    holy crap u guys rock! i love the screaming on ur new album! Apr 19
  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
    I can't say enough good things about you. Apr 14
  • Jason Bentley said:
    Hey guys! I'm a fan of your album Strong Tower. I still need to check out your latest. I'm looking forward to your ATL gig! Mar 29
  • nick miller AKA the joker said:
    i seen u guys at winter feast 08 it was awsome Mar 18
  • ♥killedbyanangel♥ said:
    god loves u and ur music keep it up rock hard!!! Mar 11
  • Joanne! said:
    :]]] Feb 27
  • ♥killedbyanangel♥ said:
    got to their concerts! they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO JOKE! Feb 26
  • myquadisfast said:
    u rock this party like its 1669 come to hamilton nj faith babtist church u really rock :p Feb 23

Events (14)

Apr 24

Wayne, NE

7:00pm at Wayne Community Activity Center
Apr 25

Lincoln, NE

7:00pm at Lincoln Berean Church
Apr 26

Joplin, MO

7:00pm at Calvary Baptist
Apr 27

Louisville, KY

7:00pm at Louisville Waterfront Park
May 01

Boca Raton, FL

7:00pm at Boca Raton Community Church