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Genres: Indie / Pop / Powerpop

Location: Halifax, NS

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4 tracks

Members: bryan lee o\'malley

One person pretending to be a whole band. Rocking the entire world since 2000. Download our albums for free using bittorrent.

about the songs on the player:

1. Don't Let the Archons Get You Down (demo): a newish song. It's about how you should not let the archons get you down. A rough demo.

2. Don't Bother (demo): a new song written and recorded on july 15, 2006. It's about... uh... the burden of the future? and the past... and stuff?

3. Nosebleed song: from "AWKWARD SONGZ" album done with Jacob P Ferguson (floate.com). it's a duet with Jacob. also, my brother played drums and Joel Macmillan played at least one guitar.

4. Evelyn Everywhere: another one from awkward songz. i think this one is all me, plus some drums from eddy. i like the fake horns at the end.


  • KantirLizard said:
    my name is shawn and I live a few hours away from toronto city. I just wanna say I LOVE KUPEK YOU HAVE AN AMAZING VOICE! Feb 22
  • marywood said:
    I just made an account so I could tell you that your songs are amazing. keep up the good work. If i\'m all the way over here in Toronto and im wondering how to buy an album, or anything to support you then you\'re doing something right! Apr 02
  • murduronthedancefloor said:
    you practiacally rock Feb 11
  • FaceStompMondays said:
    I don\'t know that you read this, but i really only registered for this site so that i could put myself on your fan list. ...good stuff Dec 07


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