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  • Freger65 said:
    Fantastic good,pop songs, thank you for contacting me as abonee on YouTube. Now e try to ollow you on several websites. Aug 20
  • jonesj07 said:
    You have a really beautiful voice! Aug 07
  • tom ALCORE said:
    HALO........... May 08
  • Kookies Bites said:
    wow so beautiful!!! Feb 28
  • Sophie Harley said:
    You are smokin and my new crush. Hope you don't mind. Love your music and your voice is awesome. :) Feb 24
  • unicornfarts said:
    You have a beautiful voice great job :3 Feb 20
  • FireMann $tunna said:
    the whole album loving it Feb 12
  • Karla Maye Carreon said:
    I love Don't Call Me Sweetheart! Feb 10
  • Connor said:
    awesome love it Feb 05
  • jaco said:
    This is not typically the genre of music I listen to, but I cannot ignore your talent and found myself strangely captured... Jan 27
  • alibelarosie said:
    COOL :"> Dec 27
  • Sean Ochoa said:
    nice sounds!!! =)) Aug 29
  • H0lden said:
    don't call me sweetheart is incredible!!:DD Aug 02
  • Mindi(: said:
    love your music! you're extremely talented, keep up the great work!(: Aug 02
  • call0me7cari said:
    thanks for messaging me - i love your music! ill be at your show on aug. 13 :) Jul 21
  • David augusto said:
    beautiful voice Jul 17
  • Kelly Aitken said:
    OMG your awesome hope you tour in the UK soon :D Jul 06
  • Sarah Lawrence said:
    Your voice is gorgeous!(: Jul 04
  • Maddy said:
    beautiful voice! Jun 18
  • yellowbell alamanda said:
    oh! what a cool title "don't call me sweetheart" And the album, confession of songbird! I'm loving it! thanks for letting me know your music. good luck! Jun 11