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Genres: Pop Punk / Powerpop / Experimental

Location: Philippines

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Members: Adonnis,Sann,Raymond,Emboy,JoJo






  • ReMonDo said:
    dili nalang namu to iupload magparecord rami ato puhon hahah apil to sa package :D Dec 22
  • ♥ CaRoLiNe ♥ said:
    kaw maoy ga mama' asa naman wala man lagi diri ang revival na xmas song'? Dec 08
  • ReMonDo said:
    sama gamama lang ka hahahaah Dec 08
  • ♥ CaRoLiNe ♥ said:
    ^_^ gudnite :):) Dec 02
  • ♥ CaRoLiNe ♥ said:
    mag boot d-i ka???? mao nay part sa banda???? so unprofessional..... saying odd things against to d listener. what a crap, acting like a kid. dah!! Dec 02
  • ReMonDo said:
    KORNY grabe ka korny Dec 01
  • ♥ CaRoLiNe ♥ said:
    ♥ tricks for D'keepz ^^ ♥ nyehahaha perti kau ang chorus line lurv it much " There are nights I feel like stupid Singing without a tune Whispering hopes strained from my lips (from my lips) Meets the air and Like a sentimental fool" and the bridge: d most " I hate what you do to me (do to me) I seem to feel Im not me (not me) How can I be so irrational (rational) When you keep playing your tricks on me If this love Im feeling let it be for keeps.. " but hehe some parts lang murag something lain paminawon but over all its good though... keep it up'! nyahehehe - break a leg - Nov 29
  • BreNsIRIcH said:
    tsik-tsik..!!! Apr 09
  • BreNsIRIcH said:
    Grabeh!!!..Sik-Sik kau..!!! NiceOne... Apr 09


Jan 12, 2010



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