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Another generation of wireless headsets made for office use in mind has had the curtains sent down by its creator. GN Netcom has just recently showed off the latest in wireless headsets for the office. And these new products include the GN 9350, the GN 9330 USB, as well as the GN 9330.

According to GN Netcom, the GN 9350 is the world's first wireless headset for the office that offers both traditional telephony and IP. As per the other two, the GN 9330 has been created for traditional calls while the other one, the GN 9330 USB, has been made specially for IP telephony. popsolrepublic.com Only the GN 9350 has been made for both traditional and IP telephony.

David Wood is the senior vice president as well as the general manager for the GN Netcom operations sol republic headphones for North America. And he says, "The GN 9300 series provides hands-free convenience in the office and gives users freedom to roam - a benefit being realized outside the office due to Bluetooth wireless headset use with mobile phones." He also further adds, "The GN 9350 also provides a future-proof solution for companies who have not yet migrated entirely to IP telephony. Our new family of products is focused on providing solutions to users that meet all of their business needs, regardless of the organization sie or communications platform."

You might want to know that if you are interested in owning one of these high technology gadgets for your office, they have already been made available in various locations across the continent. In fact, the GN 9350 has a suggested price of $349. Both the GN 9330 and the GN 9330 USB are sold for $249 each.

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Posted May 24, 2013 at 11:52pm