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Kottonmouth Kings

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Genres: Psychedelic / Hip Hop / Punk

Location: So Cal, CA

Stats: 1,582 fans / 282,249 plays / 33 plays today





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Members: D-Loc, Johnny Richter, Daddy X, The Dirtball, DJ Bobby B., Lou Dog



Kottonmouth Kings are ready to celebrate this year’s annual 4-20 holiday with the release of their "Legalize It" EP, which will be released through digital retailers on April 20th, 2011. Embracing their passion and talent for creating music, Kottonmouth Kings have assembled an EP rich in musical diversity, as they flirt with a number of styles to showcase their true creative firepower.


"There are people that want to write Kottonmouth Kings off as a one dimensional weed band, but that is because it's easy to put a label on what we do. Yes we love weed and champion the cause, but the levels and depths of our songs go a lot deeper than just that one dimension," commented Brad X. "Anyone who can't look past the weed references on our albums are completely missing out on some of our best material. We have a passion for music and that is why on a Kottonmouth Kings record you have punk-rock songs next to hip-hop, as well as mellow acoustic tracks or alt-rock. Yes we do write songs about weed and legalization, but we also write about life, love, politics and the beauty our planet."

The "Legalize It" EP embraces the hypnotic, positive vibrations of Kottonmouth Kings’ sound. "Rise Above" rallies the group's army of fans to soar above those that would hold you back with a powerful funk hook, while the breezy flowing rhythms and positive vibrations of "My Garden" are simply contagious. The reggae flavored protest track "Soon Come" feels like the group is channeling the ghost of Bob Marley while challenging the listeners to question the war on drugs, and "Defy Gravity" closes the EP with the group flexing their melodic prowess over the top of an irresistible acoustic hook.

The group will also launch a newly updated website for www.KottonmouthKings.com on April 20th, to coincide with the release. The "Legalize It" digital EP is being served as an appetizer for Kottonmouth Kings upcoming full-length studio album "The Sunrise Sessions", which is set for a July 19th release through Suburban Noize Records.


  • jeffSxERHOKSKILL said:
    kmk all day Sep 29
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    wow yr music is awesome Mar 01
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    ei!need some source?...dont bother just hit me back ayt? Jul 01
  • KayluhDavis ∆ said:
    i LOVE to shovel shit in my anus. Jun 21
  • Lilly said:
    Anybody & everybody that's into these guys should check out my buddy Marcus Angeloni. Smokee weeeeeed get drunkk yeaah, you won't be disappointed. www.purevolume.com/marcusangeloni May 05
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    smokeweedallday Apr 12
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    come on up NY to preform Apr 01
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    Jan 04
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    spark it up Oct 25
  • slavin said:
    kottonmouth kings ......ballin Oct 25
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    OMG I LOVE U GUYS!!!!!I have alot of ur ringtones haha WHOOP WHOOP!!!!lets get higher!!!! Jul 15
  • Corey Ross said:
    add the munchies hahh [: you guys are an all time favvvvv.dloc sexiest man everrrrr Jul 03
  • Xx_Juggalo_Babe_XD_xX said:
    mii bro showed mi tew yew guyz been a fan ever since!! xD i luff the song Where The Weed At? Lol its so bomb!! Jan 10
  • bree f.m said:
    me and my friends crank these dudez tunes when we are rideing high itz greatness Dec 07
  • Aaron said:
    Love these guys have been a fan for years Nov 19

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