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Kobo Town


Genres: World / Reggae / Folk

Location: Canada

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4 tracks

Members: Drew Gonsalves, Derek Thorne, Linsey Wellman, Roger Williams, Ravi Jasoonanan, Cesco Emmanuel, Osvaldo Rodriguez, Stich Wynston

About Kobo Town

Founded by bandleader Drew Gonsalves, Kobo Town is named after the historic neighborhood in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, where traditional calypso (kaiso) was born amid the boastful, humourous and militant chants of the roaming stickfighters. Situated near the fishermen's wharf, the area was a site of constant defiance and conflict, a place where sticks and stones, songs and verses clashed with the bayonets and batons of colonial rule. For the members of the eight-piece outfit, the name suggests an origin as well as a destination.

Exploring the rich lyrical tradition and compelling rhythms of calypso's formative years - the age of the Roaring Lion, Mighty Spoiler, Lord Invader, King Radio and Attila the Hun - Kobo Town strives to demonstrate the contemporary relevance of their art by engaging the pressing concerns of our time. Domestic violence, the US war on Iraq, the paradoxes of globalization, the ongoing state of Caribbean dependency, and the bittersweet experience of immigration are all treated within their wide and varied repertory.

Calypso is an art that developed in dialogue with other musical forms. The members of Kobo Town, who come to calypso from all over the musical map, hope to continue and extend this tradition of rhythmic and melodic cross-pollination. While rooted in old time calypso and various West Indian folk musics, their music also draws heavily on dub poetry, roots reggae, zouk, son montuno, funk and jazz.

For Kobo Town, Trinidad's musical heritage is a living, growing body of work, with a continuing importance in their lives, the West Indies and the world. While exploring new sounds and arrangements, their songs resonate with the satire, storytelling and social concern that lie at the center of Trinidad's national art.

Kobo Town presents their first release - Independence. The title of this album is intended to be hopeful and ironic at the same time: some of the songs offer a critical look at the 'independence experiment' in Trinidad and its various failutres and betrayals in Trinidad and elsewhere, while others aim to celebrate the musical and artistic traditions formed over the long years of our turbulent history. Written out of a love for old-time calypso, roots reggae and dub poetry, this album is also driven by a desire to join the effort of those West Indian artists, activists and musicians who have recognized that the wounds in our society run deep into our past, and that recovering a sense of cultural, national and spiritual self-worth is a crucial first step in the path toward healing and renewal.

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"Intoxicating calypso rhythms held straight with a reggae backbone is the best way to describe this Toronto based group's sound... One of the most beautifully intelligent releases...ever!" - Monk, IndependentsOnly

"Fans of Caribbean music, world music in general, and meaningful songwriting should grab this CD... It's a beauty." - Blogcritics

"Kobo Town is set to unleash a new musical style on the world with a fusion of old and new traditions from the West Indies. Lead singer/songwriter Drew Gonsalves' vividly melodic lyrics backed with a heavy bass and rhythm section inspire people to move both physically and spiritually."- Karam Debly, National Urban Columnist, Canadian Music Network



*** "Independence" Picked As #3 Groove Album Of 2007 By Exclaim! Magazine

*** Winner of Best World Song for "Corbeaux Following" by the 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards

*** Nominated for Best World Artist-Group by The 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards


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