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Genres: Hardcore / Punk / Metal

Location: Caen, France

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4 tracks

Members: Ian, Guillaume, Chris, Guillaume, Seb

In 1997, Kobayes put their first guitar cords up. It was the year they became a band and plunged, head first , into the music scene. The 5 musicians that make up this unique band collaborate well together by using their vast number of musical influences and their intense energy and passion for music. The band asserted their identity somewhere between punk and hardcore, fusion and metal. The members are politically engaged and express their views of the world through their lyrics, going for the politically incorrect while avoiding demagogy.

In 2001, after a few demos, the band recorded their first album, "Unite." Their hard work and dedication to this great opus was received by the press and the public with great enthusiasim and praise. Since then, many doors have opened for this talented band from Normandy - France. An array of guest artists have appeared on many compilations with Kobayes. (FrenchCore2, Active Distortion, Samplers rockSound, Punk Rawk, and many more). Kobayes has held over 100 concerts throughout France and the rest of Europe. They have shared the stage with a variety of national and international bands like Alien Ant Farm, Lofofora, Break the Silence, Burning Heads, Death Before Disco, and Tagada Jones. The list goes on. With all of their experience they have established a unique identity and have developed a real reputation within the scene.
In October 2005, Kobayes released their new album "A Bout De Souffle", with the help of a new guitarist.


  • Roberto said:
    Muy bueno!!! Compro el cd!! Apr 03
  • Danni Disco said:
    I like how fast paced and upbeat the drums and guitars are!!! Apr 25

Split w/ Off your head

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A bout de souffle

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