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Knife the Glitter


Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Metalcore

Location: Rockaway, NJ

Stats: 120 fans / 24,194 plays / 42 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Joe, Eli, Ryan, Kevin

Knife the Glitter is a band, we are not a fish, nor are we a country.

We make music with lots of numbers and alot of rawrs and stuff.

Yes our band name is really bad, cry us a river, seriously, weve got a boat and nowhere to go boating.

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  • Keef said:
    Yo when are you guys playing at Cedar Lake again? Your better than HHLL. Apr 08
  • PhilGoldenberg said:
    You guys are painfully experimental... awesome. Jul 01
  • QueenXcore said:
    i love how we all had like a fucking toe sex party in ur tour buswhen u guys were in philly that day was insane Aug 08
  • The Darkness within said:
    that show you guys put on last night fuckign rocked. you guys are asome Aug 02
  • music_junkie07 said:
    love , -carley Dec 30

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