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Genres: Experimental / Electronic / Hardcore

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John Manning October 20, 1990 - November 21, 2022

This passed Tuesday, November 21, at appoximately 2:32pm John Manning died of asphyxiation. It was a seemingly promising day filled with cherry blossom trees and fruitful women that ended with a touch of depression. A great sigh was heaved for the passing of a promising young child who, in his last few years of life, became somewhat of a lonesome hermit, slowly severing his ties with reality. Living in almost complete isolation fueled his insanity and his ego. Often reported to have been seen declaring war on Empires long gone and known far and wide for his amazing ability to mix music so hardcore it bled many an ear, John was truly a character. No one can really say for sure the cause of his suicide. Some say his profound thoughts, which he wrote on the walls of his cave with his own feces, revealed so much about humanity that his hate for them grew so large that he could not continue living as one, others speculate that his growing ego compelled him to choke himself in hopes that it would end the world, and a very small group believe it was something in the water. Whatever the cause, the fact still stands: Chalk up another one for this great cycle we call Life. So it goes.

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