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Genres: Acoustic / Alternative / Ambient

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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The debut release from Anchor & Braille is now available at Interpunk.com and Smartpunk.com and at select music stores across the country! Anchor & Braille is the solo project of Anberlin lead singer, Stephen Christian and also features Aaron Marsh from Copeland. This LIMITED EDITION colored vinyl 7" includes two songs, "Sound Asleep" and "Wedding/Funeral," and will only be available for a limited time.

* Order the debut Anchor&Braille 7" at Interpunk

* Order the debut Anchor&Braille 7" at Smartpunk

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  • Kelly Moore said:
    Hey Steven - great show last night at the Launchpad in Albuquerque. I loved your new stuff so I came to this site to listen more closely. It's nice, reflective, and introspective. I look forward to August 4th. I'm praying for you dude. Jul 06
  • Max WC said:
    I am literally counting down the days until the release of Felt! Guys! I'm stoked! Jun 29
  • Sherby said:
    hey man you are amazing!! your music is incredible and i cant wait for the new album in august!! Jun 29
  • loserXpunk said:
    um you better release a full length CD soon mister! so anberlin is pretty much my favorite band (with a few exceptions... the ramones) ive seen anberlin three times i have all your CDs and like a bunch of tshirts anddd i pretty much love this side project it reminds me of jon forman(switchfoot)'s side project.. cept amazing its simply beautiful sooooo make an album and i wil buy it Jun 15
  • Megan said:
    Stephen, This is absolutly brilliant. I've always been an Anberlin fan, and i like anchor&braille more, which says a lot. when is the CD coming out? on modesty you said around the time Cites was released...now Anberlin has New Surrender...and i have yet to see this brilliant side project on iTunes. Apr 25
  • LeahAnneli said:
    wedding/funeral brought tears to my eyes. it's so beautiful and raw and honest. shifting my weight awkwardly from one foot to another as i wait for your cd to come out. Mar 22
  • supercdjones said:
    You are the artist of this generation. Jan 24
  • James Fetner said:
    Wedding/Funeral is absolutely amazing. I like Anberlin, but Anchor & Braille even better, which says alot. Oct 11
  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
    You're so brilliant. (No pun intended, I realize those are your lyrics.) < 3 Sep 21
  • surftoswim said:
    i find it amazing that even in your so called "roughcut demo" of mary agnosia, it's amazing. you never let me down with your incredible skill of singing and beatiful songwriting. keep it up cause i'm loving every second of it. Aug 02
  • ..... said:
    This is so... just so brilliant. Some side projects aren't all that great because you're used to what they normally do in their regular band and when they change it up it's just not as good, but this is beautiful. The lyrics are amazing. Good job Stephen! Jul 16
  • ..... said:
    i've never heard music this beautiful before Jul 11
  • musicgrl357 said:
    wow. you are such a great artist. and i mean that in many ways. you are definitely an inspiration. and that's absolutely a great thing. i love what you've done. Jun 30
  • sakcak said:
    Stephen: I just love the acoustic style! Like I told you before cuz keep up the awesome work. I will see ya Sunday. Dec 11
  • Josie! said:
    when we die is the most amazing song EVER!!! i love you Nov 05


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