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  • .winter.chick. said:
    I love you. And I just listened to the EP and it\'s sounding really good. Some of the songs are a little bit shorter than i\'d expected but that\'s okay. I can\'t wait till the CD comes out in Feb! Dec 21
  • ezreale said:
    you guys are amazing! Dec 21
  • illustrious_dreamer said:
    waiting for more XD Dec 17
  • xeveryxclichex7 said:
    sweet tunes. Dec 08
  • iNSERTCLEVERNAME>here< said:
    Haha I just checked your tour dates after I commented. you have two more CT dates within the next few days...I\'m going to try as hard as possible to get to atleast one. If I can\'t, you better come back soon. :] Dec 07
  • iNSERTCLEVERNAME>here< said:
    I saw you guys last night [and acted like a total idiot] and it was quite possibly the best performance I\'ve ever seen. It was craaaazy. You are def my new favorite band...hurry up and come back to CT already - you\'re only in NY Dec 07
  • said:
    ROAR! I love the song Machines ^^ the beginning reminds me of a camel XD I dunno why.. Guess I\'m just weird xx Nov 16
  • saxboy101 said:
    you were great at the tuscan on november 11 I was that little kid that bought your cd and had you sign it Nov 12
  • smileXinXyourXsleep said:
    wow. . .by far the most talented band i have ever heard on this whole site. . . Oct 18
  • tsteed said:
    Add Comment here... Oct 17
  • daNiE.L/tCb said:
    satellite was soo fucking awesome why did you taook it off? Oct 12
  • .winter.chick. said:
    could you guys put machines up for download? if you di that be awesome! Oct 10
  • heart attacks = death said:
    you guys are brillant..hand down Oct 09
  • saxboy101 said:
    put old songs back on u guys rock c u at the tuscan Oct 07
  • rythmofsilence4 said:
    Add Comment here... Oct 06
  • BELLEamour said:
    Wow...I absolutely love your sound. It\'s so fun. :) Sep 30
  • lastline said:
    Please oh Please oh PLEASE but Satellite back on... PLEASE!!!!! Sep 30
  • promo.cl said:
    Gotta love your band, wish you hadnt taken Sattellites down :P Sep 30
  • .winter.chick. said:
    ahh i cant stop listening to you lol. your so good. Sep 29
  • starryeyed_daydreamer said:
    amazingggggggg kinda like the hush sound..idk just a thought wow i\'m so glad i heard your music.YOU ROCk! Sep 29