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Genres: Rock / Indie / Alternative

Location: Little Rock, AR

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Members: Dwain Roark, Johnny Rocket, Aaron Elms, Blain Roark, James Watts

The Story

'Kingsdown' is the evolutionary brainchild of six small-town friends sharing a heart for people and music. In late 2002, a century old Arkansas train station became their experimental base where various styles and sounds were rigorously tested. Small crowds soon grew into a packed house, and 'The Depot' became a place where lifelong friendships were born, joy was rampant, and people were impacted for the better.

Following the first EP in May 2004, this project hit the road for the first time to cover some 30+ states while promoting 'Dearest Nameless', meanwhile garnering a top 20 chart position in July of that year. By 2005 'The Scenario We Know So Well' released to increased enthusiasm, as the group continued touring the United States and expanding their fan base world-wide through various online venues.

For its latest incarnation, the band mixes cues from the glory days of rock-n-roll with their own distinct sound and style to create a new breed of energetic and lively songs that are just as much at home in a backyard party as in a sold out arena. The live show is an energy packed production drawing crowds to experience life in a refreshing and exciting way. Catchy vocals, solid rhythm, and soaring leads are laced with piano and a variety of other electronic sounds. Lyrics are born from the perspective of a love for God, life, travels, and people. 'A large part of our inspiration comes from great times had with friends ... and many beautiful mornings, days, and nights spent with people we love. That is a side of God people forget to talk about.' says lead singer Dwain Roark (Abbey). Roark says he gets a significant amount of inspiration from traveling the United States, England, France, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Canada, as well as trips to the Pacific Northwest and India he took with guitarist, James Watts. 'If people do not leave one of our shows feeling that they are loved, and that there is much more to life, work, trying to get by, and typical worries then we have not fulfilled our duty to them.' note other members.

With a solidly expanding domestic base, as well as notable exposure in several overseas markets, this dream turned reality has made an enduring impression for its short history. With a keen knack for making their own way, members expect more singles, larger tours, and increased reach for their message.







  • Kourtney; said:
    i'm so glad you guys came to my church Sunday morning! =] you are all reallyreally inspiring. =]] i hope you come back to visit and your tour is going well! you're in my prayers! Mar 31
  • GuItAr-FrEeKeR-101 said:
    I was almost in this profile picture haha! Had it been taken a little more to the right I would\'ve been in it. You guys were amazing at TKO so amazing I went to both campuses ;P Glad I could meet ya\'ll and hopefully you remember meeting me and my bestfriend emily :P God Bless -Alyssa Sep 17
  • killthesilence said:
    You guys were simply amazing tonight at TKO. I\'m so glad there\'s people with fantastic music AND fantastic attitudes. And most importantly, that you give credit to God. For that, you will go far. Sep 13
  • Heck Finn said:
    Put Cabot on the map guys!! Sep 02
  • GuItAr-FrEeKeR-101 said:
    i\'m so happy to hear that adam booked you guys for TKO this year! I can\'t wait to see ya\'ll! I\'ll hopefully go to both campusses this year ;) Aug 03
  • iamaglazeddoughnut said:
    could you all put your rythm makes a dancer of me downladable. I love dearest nameless, its my favorite song ever. You guys rock. Jun 19
  • EleventyErica said:
    Thank you sooo much for putting Dearest Nameless and the other 2 songs downloadable, because those are some of my all time favorites =] Apr 18
  • runforitmarty89 said:
    aw im glad i found you guys again. i haven\'t listened to A Farewell Psalm in a at least a year. goshh. i hope everything is going great. Mar 06
  • xxhugs_not_drugsxx said:
    play at vinos much? Jan 20
  • toby_mac_freak said:
    YOU GUYS ROCK i saw you guys at fusionfest you where amazing! Nov 05
  • Justin_owns said:
    you guys rock, cant wait to see you Friday! Oct 17
  • said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 28
  • matt72543 said:
    i wanna go to one of ur shows i wish i knew when they were Sep 08
  • nettletonrockinraider said:
    hey, yall rocked at central baptist church tonight. i really liked the way u performed. even tho the mics and moniters were messing up it was good. hope to hear yall again. i was the guy in the hawk nelson green shirt. lol, hope to se e ya again, l8r Aug 26
  • Silencio_X926 said:
    hey you guys are awesome...come play at the music hall some more! i\'ve only heard you off of ur album, but i REALLY wanna see you guys live! Aug 14


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