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Genres: Rock / Progressive / Post Hardcore

Location: Victoria, BC

Stats: 149 fans / 17,561 plays / 45 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Steve, Dusty, Chris Matt and Deuce

Kincaide is from Victoria, B.C. Canada. We have a hard tine describing our music. Music speaks louder than typing. Have a listen!


  • 1120MissMurder said:
    dude u guys are playin\' in Vic in 4 days im so psyched! Sorry to see you go Chris, good luck with your studies : ) Dec 11
  • 1120MissMurder said:
    Hey guys, please please pleeeeeease do another all ages show in Victoria i am DYING to see you guys i love you so much thanks keep on rockin\' Oct 25
  • smileinyursleep0 said:
    so glad yu guys came back to swift. definately amazing. dont forget to come back Marla Sep 27
  • righteouslyinsane said:
    Ooh you\'re in my town in a couple days... but wow guys, you got some crappy bands playin at that show... ah well, youre worth... i shall see you and we shalt have sex in a giant bowl of peanut butter ^_^ i dont know why im leaving a comment here, should be on myspace.... anyways... Sep 16
  • slightlyimperfect said:
    screamo/bluegrass sounds like an awesome mix, but how\'m i sposed to \"have a listen\" when you don\'t have any tracks up? May 27
  • cutie_next_door said:
    I\'m stoked for the Canmore Show on the 5th, I\'m going to bail on work just so I can come!!! Mar 31
  • said:
    thank god... a band i can compliment without spanish: i so luv ur music Mar 31
  • h-core said:
    Heyyy, just came back from your show. Had a blast =) Mar 29
  • slow-dance* said:
    you guys were friggen awesome last night Mar 18
  • xXPoisoned.x.HeartXx said:
    You guys rock!!!!!!!!!! Mar 07
  • Metal.Addiction said:
    well kincaide = righteous heh when are you guys comming back to duncan? i heard march from someone...i\'m all giddy n\' stuff can\'t wait! Jan 30
  • tarynheart said:
    dear kincaide, please come back to calgary. we really enjoyed you when you visited last spring and it would be so awesome if you could play here again. you guys rock. Dec 24

The Landscape Verses

Mar 10, 2006

The Hereafter Demos

No release date


No release date


Brentwood Bay, BC





ann. dee.



Albion, NE


Austin, TX


Duncan, BC

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