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Genres: Metal / Classic Rock / Metal

Location: Arlington, TX

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Members: John a.k.a. Dr. Kill

Welcome to the Kilzone!

If you're new to KILPATIENT M.D., please, allow me to shed some light. My name is John, but, in certain circles they call me Kilpatient or Dr. Kill. I was born outside of Stuttgart, Germany and now live in Texas. While overseas, I was drawn to Heavy Metal music after hearing Black Sabbath's Iron Man. If you are familiar with the tune you can understand why. From the very beginning, I knew songwriting was just as important as the shred factor, if not more. At 13, I started playing guitar and never put it down.

You could say, I'm passionate about what I do, but, that would be an understatement. I am far beyond driven to quote a phase. I've played in a lot of bands, but, after my band New Moon split up, I've yet to find the chemistry needed to do the "band thing". So, rather than spend anymore precious energy, I decided to channel my efforts into doing KILPATIENT M.D. as a "one man band" studio project and reach out to you through the world wide web.

I dream in color. I'm all about making one man sound like a whole band. That's my thing. From the music and lyrics to the performance and production, I do everything. I approach each task and instrument individually. I've been told, it's like I have split personalities or something. When I come up with a riff, I hear how the other layers will compliment it. KILPATIENT M.D. is my personal Frankenstein. Drawing was my first form of creative expression, so, I even do the artwork. I love to draw, by the way.

By looking towards the future, I'm killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. Not only am I making the music I want to play, I'm also showcasing my ability as a songwriter, arranger and producer. My ultimate goal is to produce for other musicians. I know there will always be bands and individuals out there that need a fresh set of ears to help capture the sound in their head. In the end, that's all I'm doing.

KILPATIENT M.D.: Character Witness









Psycho - Ology

Mar 31, 2009

Character Witness

Feb 27, 2007

Bodies (Remastered)

Aug 01, 2006