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    Sup! Go to our purevolume page to check out a brand new song titled "Wake up" featuring our bud David from Breathe Carolina!  here's the news post about it: http://ww…

    May 09, 2013

  • BRAND NEW E.P. "Cover Your Eyes" PRE-ORDER

    Pre-order packages for our brand new e.p. are available NOW! Snag yours! http://Shop.KillParadiseMusic.com

    May 07, 2013

  • Do you ever feel pressure to play good music when people are in your car?

    Dec 06, 2012

  • did you know? http://t.co/426lvK88

    Dec 06, 2012

  • RT @IzzyCakez: "And I feel so high, it's like I'm dancing with the devil. I'm in love, I think that I'm in love" - Dreamwork Remix by @K ...

    Dec 05, 2012

  • FYI The new kill paradise CD is recorded with full band, drums, guitar, bass, who's excited?

    Dec 05, 2012

  • Fifth Harmony!!

    Dec 05, 2012

  • I'm in a, giving babies lemons, kind of mood.

    Dec 05, 2012

  • yes http://t.co/652KNrzU

    Dec 05, 2012

  • Dear iPhone, I can't understand why you change "haha" to "haga" when do i use that word?? And while we're on the subject, "HELL" not "HE'LL"

    Dec 05, 2012


Events (9)

May 03

Denver, CO  New 

7:00pm at The Marquis Theater
May 07

Albuquerque, NM  New 

7:00pm at Amped Performance Center
May 08

Mesa, AZ  New 

7:00pm at The Underground
May 09

San Diego, CA  New 

7:00pm at The Epicentre
May 10

Fullerton, CA  New 

6:00pm at Slide Bar