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Mosquito Traps Visit the Rescue

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Mosquitoes happen to be a major problem for over several centuries now. It has been established that mosquitoes really love to hunt human preys. They have got compound eyes which might be quite competent in detecting perhaps the slightest human movements. Moreover, their receptors are extremely sensitive in spotting the smell of our exhaled breath. Determined by these observations, mosquito traps of varied types have been produced by reputed companies across several aspects of the world.

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These traps function by imitating the sight and odor of human prey. This leads mosquitoes into falsely believing a human body is proximal to them. However, upon getting closer, strong fans catch them forcing them into specially enclosed containers. After they are trapped in, it becomes for them to come out of the mosquito trap. Therefore, the mosquitoes soon die.

A well equipped and designed them, will be able to draw and kill over a thousand mosquitoes in just a few hours, while the user is busy doing the daily chores. This clearly proves that in just a few months, It can help get rid of the entire mosquito population.

One should just set up the device at a desired corner and maintain it regularly to accomplish best results. The rest will likely be taken care of by the mosquito trap.

No doubt it is true that controlling mosquitoes is a daunting task, and you will find no simple solutions. A mosquito trap however can prove to be highly beneficial in keeping the house protected from mosquitoes to get a considerably long period of time.

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How can a mosquito trap function?

Many of the most popular and effective mosquito traps rely chiefly on the unique lighting display and automatic dispersion of artificial human scent. In this devices, the mosquito trap sends out oscillating frequencies of both visible and Ultra Violet rays that are known to draw mosquitoes. Simultaneously, the mosquito trap disperses curls of octenol that attract the mosquitoes' smell senses.

Inside these mosquito traps, you will find infrared heat resources that supply warmth which is conspicuously comparable to the human body. This further draws the mosquitoes to the trap. Upon reaching closer, a lover captures these mosquitoes and they are generally forced inside a container.

A few other variations of the mosquito trap utilize canisters which disperse some numbers of CO2 mixed with octenol. Understandably, this increases the efficiency of the trap further and mosquitoes even 150 feet from the trap can be captured and killed.

As a result of the growing interest in the mosquito traps, a lot of people raised their doubts for the efficacy of these equipments. These doubts prompted several research agencies to conduct independent studies to make sure that whether these devices were indeed useful. Significantly, a number of recent studies and research reports have finally proven the effectiveness of the mosquito traps when you get rid of mosquitoes within short time. It is therefore absolutely safe to use the mosquito trap and draw advantages of it for a longer span of time.


Posted Jan 13, 2016 at 5:51am