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Genres: Rock / Indie / Experimental

Location: Boston, MA

Stats: 163 fans / 18,275 plays / 0 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Daniel / Patrick / Neil


KID:NAP:KIN will change the way you like your rock. Stop listening in vain for your next fix, the pounding odd-meter rhythms and jazz-infused melodies that make your soul turn, come from KID:NAP:KIN. Boston's Aggro Rock Assault has been making a name for themselves on the scene for three years.. "...best suited for the intellectually-inclined headbanger, rock-'n'roller, punk rocker, or anyone who just prefers their music loud," (Northeast Performer) KID:NAP:KIN released their debut EP, 'Touring The Riot Scene' in December 2006 on Sidehatch Entertainment and most recently independently released 'Hush Now...' produced by Mike Cosgrove. The band is currently working on their next record and plans to head into the studio in the spring.



  • Orange Amp Store.com said:
    Dig the tunes! Play Orange amps.... Aug 12
  • Jesse said:
    dopesauce, looks like you guys are finally getting some more publicity, not nearly as much as you deserve, but most definitely more. Wheres the merch though man? I need to rock a KNK hoodie! Jan 10
  • Timothy Sams said:
    KidNapKin: Whats up homies!? Got ta' give mo' Lovin' Can't stop listening to ya'll! Tim- Bay Area Tone~ Jan 03
  • Amy said:
    This is wicked! For some reason I'm kinda reminded of jimi hendrix haha :) Jan 02
  • lilly loveless said:
    i love ur sound Dec 28
  • devanmarissa said:
    This is insane! i love it Dec 26
  • Malachi said:
    The crazy randomness is genius. The kid below has no clue what he's even talking about. Dec 25
  • Queso said:
    haha this is pretty different. where is the structure. everything is so crazy and random Dec 25
  • Taylor Harris said:
    someone sounds exactly like Jeff Buckley in this band Dec 24
  • xkiraisgodx said:
    like ur guys' music, its good yet different Dec 24
  • TBR said:
    im diggin it, click my profile to download my music for free. recently featured on ap.net! Dec 24
  • Jesse said:
    Havent listened to you guys in forever. I put on Parade, and within 5 seconds there was a smile upon my face. This song speaks to me so much. I almost want to cry from hearing it. I want to cry, but I cant seem to stop laughing and crying. Its overwhelming, the love put into this song. I respect you so much. Nov 19
  • RICARDO said:
    awesome¬°¬° Sep 24
  • drmanhattan said:
    YEAH BOSTON ! :) I live there. Sep 23
  • Jesse said:
    The song Parade makes me want to cry I'm diggin it so much. Should post lyrics for the songs on here. Thanks. Im on the west coast, any way I can get the hard copy of your CD's? Sep 23

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