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Kid Named Chicago


Genres: Emo / Screamo

Location: Tallahassee, FL

Stats: 90 fans / 16,473 plays / 86 plays today






Members: Jason, Jake, Alex, Craig and Heath

In an era where music has been suffocating under the weight of a thousand generic bands and in a time where "style" itself has become excessively emphatic, Kid Named Chicago, formerly known as The Last Try, finally breathes new life into a genre of music that deteriorated years ago. "Their ambient sound undoubtedly stands out amongst all the other cookie-cutter bands out there right now," notes Lee Dyess, Earthsound Studios. With amazing guitar and bass riffs, truly creative drum patterns, and emotional, sometimes gut-wrenching vocals, KNC churns out brilliantly executed rock music that speaks to almost anyone. It's no wonder the name Kid Named Chicago is starting to pop up everywhere in the south eastern United States. Hailing from their new home in Tallahassee, Florida, KNC has won over the tastes of countless fans by rocking more than one hundred shows in a span of only one year. After remaining a band for over three years, the two original and three new members anxiously look forward to the future and what amazingly difficult, but worthwhile trials it will bring. Only time will tell the outcome of their dreams.


  • Tina Mass said:
    Just Great Apr 12
  • faking_affinity said:
    Best band ever, by far. ♥ :) Oct 26
  • olivia< 3's you said:
    jaime all over. the original. just amazing :D and the rest is some great stuff too, talent just oozes from anything any to do with you, mayday parade, go radio, stages&stereos...just like wow. Mar 07
  • Melissaaa said:
    i agree, you should get back together at least just for fun, play one show , tononto thats all i ask ahaha Jan 08
  • elizabethPensive said:
    i wish you were still a band =[ you're amazing Oct 30
  • kirstine said:
    hey, how can i add you as a friend here? thanks! ;) love your song inside out.... Aug 10
  • emmaface! said:
    i hate you for not being a band anymore. :[ comebackcomebackcomeback. kthx! Apr 17


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