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Genres: Metal / Rock / Experimental

Location: NYC, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Raiana----Pull----Will Wood & Joe Migz


kHz iz------
Raiana- all voices
Pull- Guitar, keyboards and programming
Will Wood- bass
Joe Migz- drums

"Darkly atmospheric with boulder-heavy riffs-this band could get Bela Lugosi moshing"
- Revolver Magazine

"kHz has a crunchy, machine-like, almost nine inch nails feel. For the alienated, pissed off, rebellious youth, we prescribe a daily dose of kHz."
- Hit Parader Magazine

NEW YORK - On April 22, 2008, kHz returns with their much-anticipated new CD Disconnected. Musically, Disconnected pairs the classic heavy kHz sound with a raw power and emotion that was previously only experienced through it's frenetic live shows. kHz continues to blur the lines between what is expected and what is accepted!

Whatever you call it - Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Alternative, Alternative Metal, Experimental Metal - kHz is bound by the concept of rocking hard while also being themselves. Influenced by everything from The Cure, Pink Floyd, The Misfits and Iron Maiden to recent acts like The Deftones, A Perfect Circle and Marilyn Manson, each kHz member's extreme combination of influences resonates throughout Disconnected. Add a guest appearance on guitar by Dave Navarro (on two tracks) and you've got the makings of something very special.

Disconnected is comprised of 15-tracks pairing ethereal sonic textures and passionate melodies with a fist-full of crunching guitars, interesting drum parts and a vocalist that can run the gamut from soft to guttural screams. Conceptually, the songs all touch on feelings of alienation at being "Disconnected" from an increasingly fast-moving digital and cynical world. Opening track "Disassemble" asks the question "Will you crack the surface and dive in whole hearted and open minded?" Well...will you?

The last we heard from kHz they were making the global rounds promoting 2005's "Reality On A Finer Scale." The CD went on to spend 14 weeks in the top 20 most requested song charts on SIRIUS radio's "OCTANE," while also garnering the band an AIM TV award for "Best Indie American Latino Band." kHz's music also appeared in several films including Return Of The Living Dead and Drive-Thru, in addition to being a featured band on Dave Navarro's radio and TV shows "Spread Entertainment."

Between live performances, kHz guitarist/producer, Pull, produces & remixes releases from major artists including Shinedown, Mick Jagger, Rob Thomas, LiL Kim, Diddy and Jewel, among others. Pull also creates music for television shows CRIBS and the US Open for which he won the "Sportel" award and received two Emmy nominations. Pull has directed and edited each of kHz's highly acclaimed music videos that have circulated the Internet nonstop while being added to rock video pools that service clubs all over the country.

Lead Singer Raiana has embraced her dynamic range of abilities. She has been featured in Maxim Magazine's new Bacardi advert for Mojito, Guitar Player magazine for Samson products, "Best Buy" stores across the country on microphone boxes and she is the official Spread Radio Live Vixen, where she models Dave Navarro's custom clothing line for his radio station. You can expect to see much more of Raiana's modeling this year as she continues to receive offers.

kHz is set to release their new CD "Disconnected" in April of 2008!




Apr 15, 2008

"Reality On A Finer Scale"

No release date

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