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When you really need to buy a baby stroller, there are numerous variations to choose from and that can make things a bit confusing. To help you feel more comfortable with your decision, let's review the different styles that are offered as well as their respective benefits. Understanding the purpose and gratifaction of every one will make it simpler for you to choose the type that will best fit your individual needs.


Standard strollers are very common and most parents prefer to buy these because they are durable. Your child can use it for many months from infancy to toddlerhood. Additionally, these include adjustable seats, thus you can easily adjust them to match your baby's height.


Based on recent research, umbrella strollers would be the most used type of baby transport. There are many reasons why parents prefer these. They're lightweight and easy to hold. You are able to fold, pack and unpack them any time you need. The good thing - they've an umbrella at the top to keep your baby safe from sunlight, ultraviolet rays and rain.

Baby Joggers

If you value running and jogging, and cannot afford to leave your baby having a sitter when you go out jogging, you need to buy a baby jogger. These are similar to umbrella strollers but are created specifically to move smoothly on any kind of surface. The majority of the jogging strollers have a wrist strap to keep your baby safe in the event you come unglued of the stroller while running.

strollers for toddlers


These are, I must say, heavy duty baby carriers. They're very flexible and versatile. Whether you possess an infant or perhaps a toddler at home, a combo stroller is a must. They're called combination strollers because the carrier separates from the base to be used as a child car seat. You are able to adjust its seat. Most of these come with plenty of specs and add-ons.


If you have twins, you must purchase a double baby carriage. It is similar to an umbrella carrier but has two seats. Make sure that you choose a strong and high quality double baby carrier for the twins, so that it is not outgrown too quickly.

strollers for toddlers

Triple carriers

It happens! Taking three new babies or small children together with you on an outing isn't a simple feat. However, triple strollers are available to make the whole job easier. You are able to push all of them together in a single unit instead of attempting to control 2 or 3 separate pieces of equipment.

Read stroller reviews on the internet to get an idea in regards to what kind of baby carrier is the best for you. Give priority to quality rather than price and features. If you choose wisely, the stroller can be beneficial in one child to another and that can help you save a great deal of money.

Posted Oct 26, 2012 at 3:42pm