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Genres: Pop Punk / Rock / Acoustic

Location: Rochester, NY

Stats: 1 fans / 102 plays / 10 plays today






Members: Andrew Bement, Matt Byrnes, Ryan Duffy, Jesse Warren, Steve Warren

Khaler, hailing from Rochester, NY, has grown up with stars in their eyes. Going to shows and seeing bands live the dream that they've worked so hard for is what has driven Khaler to where they are now. After years of just hanging out, they've finaly all come together musically to create a power punk sound that is hard to replicate and easy to listen to. Every song has meaning whether it is reflection upon the place where they grew up or first dates gone horribly wrong. The complimenting guitar sounds from Steve and Jesse Warren flow into syncranization with the solid and constant drum beats of Andrew Bement and are expressed through vocalist Ryan Duffy. With the addition of bassist Matt Byrnes to the mix with a deep, ground-shaking sound, Khaler shows they're full potential as a strong, talented, and dedicated Rochester band. They're just five regular guys doing what they love and playing the music they were born to play.



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