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The brand new iPhone 5 - What to anticipate

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After analysing all the rumours that have poured in in the last few months we have condensed all of the rumours to show you exactly what the new iPhone 5 will probably look like as well as some of its likely features and specs.

Possible Redesign
The cool thing is the new iPhone will obtain a completely new design. We can't be sure of what exactly it's going to seem like but past rumours have suggested it's getting a new "sleeker" design. It's probably going to be thinner than the current model and also have more rounded edges like the new iPad. Other rumours have suggested that the new iPhone is going have 4 inch display replacing 3.5 " displays present in the present models.

Siri Updates
Technically Siri continues to be in beta and its almost guaranteed that the new iPhone together with iOS 6 is going be bringing big Siri updates. Several updates are:

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Better location and directions for Canada along with other countries
Possibility of Siri integration with other iOS apps
Ability to alter settings
Ability to write tweets
Notification integration (read our notifications)
Ability to read text messages and email back to us
Add and edit contacts

New Nano Sim
Apple has from normal sims to micro sims new reports suggest that the new iPhone 5 may go even smaller and contain a nano sim

4G / LTE
The cool thing is for the new iPhone to have 4G/LTE technology especially because the new iPad the was already released also contained fraxel treatments.

10 Mega Pixel Camera
Apple has been increasing the camera around the their iPhones with each new iteration. And seeing as how there's already a really capable 8mpx camera around the iPhone 4s it should be no surprise to see atleast a 10mpx camera on the newest iPhone.

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Apple A6 Quad Core Processor
Apple already has some of the mobile computing processor's available on the market in their iPhones and iPads. The Samsung Galaxy S III already has a 1.5 ghz quad core processor and Apple will no doubt be ager to match or surpass that level of power using their new Apple processor. The processor in the new iPad was known as the Apple A5X also it seemed to be just a minor upgrade from the A5. After analysing various rumors I have reason to believe that the new processor is a much more significant upgrade and will be called the Apple A6

Other Possible Features
Some other possible features are:

NFC technology
More RAM
Thinner design

Posted Jun 06, 2012 at 10:38am