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Kerri Edelman


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Pop

Location: Toms River, NJ

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4 tracks

Members: Kerri Edelman - Vocalist/Lyricist, Jeff Kalemba - Guitarist, Steve Higgins - Bassist, Rick Jones - Drummer

Hailing from Toms River, New Jersey, Kerri Edelman is far from your typical musician. Earning a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, Edelman works as a Director and Licensed Clinical Psychologist in a Maximum Security Prison; causing many to gasp with the up-most surprise when meeting this youthful, energetic petite singer-songwriter. Being a former artist who left behind the heavier sounds of nu-metal and hard rock, Kerri combines the commercial alternative/rock of Amy Lee (Evanescence) and Alanis Morissette, the pop/rock of Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani with the sultry soulfulness of Vanessa Carlton.

As a gifted singer, Edelman started writing lyrics, vocal melodies and songs while enrolled in her graduate studies. Though having limited formal vocal training, her naturally skilled voice ranges from intense and powerful to sweet and soulful. With a family of accomplished musicians, one learns she is the niece of Composer Randy Edelman (Gettysburg, Last of the Mohicans, Triple X, Billy Madison) and Singer-Songwriter Jackie DeShannon ('What the World Needs Now is Love,' 'Put a Little Love in Your Heart,' and 'Betty Davis Eyes'). While developing herself as an artist, Edelman was involved in numerous bands and recording projects. Despite conducting herself as a serious, hard working and dedicated musician, her persistent attempts to find musicians with similar goals was continuously met with setbacks. And so she utilized her strong analytical and problem solving skills to establish a new game plan. In October 2007, Edelman contacted Producer, Chris Matty, via searching musician classified ads. Although the concept of becoming a solo artist had not crossed her mind, it became a viable option to consider. Following a formal meeting with Chris, Edelman committed to collaboratively writing a full-length album with him to produce her as a solo artist.

Possessed with an unstoppable work ethic, Edelman has literally not taken a break since she started co-writing this album in 2007. Despite working 50-hours per week in prison, in short since the drop of her album on January 2009, her undeniable drive and energy has propelled her to secure numerous opportunities on her own including acoustic performances at Montclair State University (WMSC 90.3 FM), Monmouth University's (WMCX 88.9 FM) 24-hour Music Festival, and the exclusive Twelve Gates Art Gallery in PA. For the Fall 2009, Edelman will be performing at numerous Hot Topic Stores throughout New Jersey as well as will be performing at Macy's Shop for a Cause event as she is assisting with getting non-profit charities/organizations to participate in this monumental event which has raised more than $28 million for their ongoing efforts since 2006.

Album reviews and articles have included her being featured in her alma mater's alumni magazine from Loyola College in Maryland titled 'Beyond a Psychologist.' In a review composed by Freelance Writer Johnny Price titled 'Psychologist by Day, Rockstar by Night,' he captured Edelman's uniqueness by stating 'I do admit that the judging a book by its cover reference is going to pop up many times in her career. Kerri is definitely a walking contradiction in the visual sense...but then you hear her sing. WOW! The power and emotion that comes out of her tiny frame is mind blowing. An amazing voice and deep, meaningful lyrics show that she is talented enough to be around for the long haul. They say that dynamite comes in small packages and Kerri sure does make that statement true with a capital TNT.' Appearing as the artist of the month for May 2009 in a review by Live Underground, a comparison is made between Edelman and Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil as well as her being described as 'an artist who is grounded and down-to-earth which helps her shock factor, making her the kind of person fans would want to meet if she was to become famous...She's an artist to keep a close eye on, for her music is something all its own.'

Edelman is anything but uni-dimensional. Throughout her life, she has been a competitive female athlete in soccer, tennis and surfing. In search of an independent, successful and athletic female, Edelman was recently endorsed and sponsored by Goddess Energy - Flirt Sports Drinks (www.flirtsport.com) featuring her song 'Vanilla Skies' to represent their product as well as by Organik Hawaii Clothing.

On her debut album, Leave It All Behind, Edelman releases music that is dynamic, thought provoking and emotionally laden. Life may not always proceed as planned, with the essence of Leave It All Behind encapsulating the endless possibilities that Edelman has come to learn and own. This collection of commercial radio friendly original alternative/rock songs is derived from a combination of her influences including Three Doors Down, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Seether, Our Lady Peace and Incubus. From her opening title track gleaming with infectious catching melodies and gritty emotion through the final despondent and heartfelt ballad on the album, Edelman's honest reflection, interpretative lyrics and effervescent music will capture your attention in ways you may never imagine.

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Management & Booking Information: kerriedelman@hotmail.com

Produced and Mixed by Chris Matty

Mastered by George Marino - Sterling Sound, NY
(3 Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback, Metallica)