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It's drunk straight from the tap." If you ask me the only persons who drink regular faucet water are the ones too poor to get bottled water or to boil municipal water. Simply 14% of households, based on the last census, have running water. Mr. Chann could be an honest and good technocrat but perhaps the award is premature. The photographs shows Phnom Penh's untreated raw sewage flowing in to the river only a few hundred meters from PPWSA's drinking habits.

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The most popular sort of bicycle basket here--almost all bikes have them--has a utilitarian size and shape, however they are created from plastic, with slatted sides. When the little slats learn to go, the basket rapidly deteriorates. My basket had reached the non-functioning stage i was also having troubles with my gear-changing derailleur so one or two days ago--on New Year's Day actually--I pedaled up to the row of bike shops nearby the Capitol Guest House. I came across a household of four--mother, father, and two teenage sons--who hopped close to my repairs and had it carried out in half an hour roughly. Specialists for an additional big basket made of metal plus they found a well used second-hand one out of the back of the store and set it on, and then the father--definitely the repository of know-how from the family---started adjusting the gears. I paid them $3.75 and shot to popularity!

Nowhere near each of the motorcycle riders are wearing helmets here as well as fewer bicyclists. These four young adults are common wearing precisely the same model motorcycle helmet which suggests that they will all belong to the identical organization that gave out helmets totally free. Considering that today is really a Sunday, they could be coming or gonna some Christian church service.

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Today the temperature is at the reduced 90s F (33 C). This young woman displayed a common Cambodian fashion, though--a rather heavy, lined jacket. The intent is maintain the wearer out of the sun so her skin doesn't darken, but generally, to perform that, younger ladies wear what might be cool-weather jackets and coats in colder climes. These are so accustomed to hot weather that wearing a whopping jacket doesn't bother them.

A lot of people who die in Cambodia are cremated within Twenty four hours approximately, but many of the categories of Chinese ancestry prefer burial. They've their unique funeral customs and practices, and something ones is utilizing this ornate hearse to hold your body on the burial site from your family house where the monks led prayers. The monks sit down on the stools and accompany one's body to the place of burial.
I needed to meet a Maryknoll leader from Ny with the Phnom Penh airport and the plane was delayed, not arriving until 11:20 PM. To give a number of the time, I chose to have something to nibble on, but--as is customary--all the foodstuff within the terminal was actually pricey, even by Cambodian standards. I needed time therefore i walked 500' over to the trail where the ubiquitous food vendors ply their trade. From your son on the left, I got myself an ear of sweet corn (delicious hot, despite no salt or butter into it), and through the woman on the right I got a Coke.


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