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Keith Urban


Genres: Country / Rock

Location: Nashville, NY

Stats: 727 fans / 14,238 plays / 84 plays today






Members: Keith Urband

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  • Charles said:
    my favorite music artist Dec 22
  • Helen Betty - Jean Hunter said:
    ur the best singer i ever heard Nov 21
  • Saria Italia said:
    I love your music! Aug 30
  • Andie said:
    Heya If you had the time I'd be grateful if you checked out www.purevolume.com/andieball Cheers! Aug 07
  • Katy Weber said:
    I love youre songs there so amazing, you should put for the grace of god on there. Aug 06
  • korrie said:
    i've grown up listening to your music. your truly amazing! Jun 24
  • Country Girl said:
    Hey everyone! If you love country, check out Tommy Steele. He just finished recording his latest album at Rivergate Studios in Nashville, TN and will have new music up soon. Thanks :) http://www.purevolume.com/tsteele01 Nov 25
  • said:
    keith was amazing at the poets and pirates tour Jul 28
  • Erin said:
    love the music Jun 25
  • erika j said:
    ur great! May 30
  • ♥Rockin Out♥ said:
    i love you keith. you are my dream man. your so hot. and i love all of you songs. although raining on sunday is my favorite. May 03
  • x3Abigail said:
    I\'m not gonna lie, you\'re pretty rad. Feb 18
  • Maddie :) said:
    hey keith! im a country girl, but i like all sorts of music. i love ur song days go by. it just makes me happy! well drop me a line on purevolume or through email at relientk4ever902@bellsouth.net :) Jesus luvs U -Maddie Oct 21
  • said:
    I love this song. Always makes me smile. reminds me of my love. = ] Sep 13
  • t-rystal said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 16

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