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Genres: Indie / Acoustic / Folk Rock

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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Members: daniel keegan kiedis


So... I've been focusing on the family for anyone that might happen to read this. If you are reading, thank you for following or checking things out! I've started playing more since the birth of our first little one. I'm looking forward to the next few months. My family and I are now in South Florida. I've still got about 30 songs in various stages of production and more on the way but I'm not to concerned about pushing everything to the surface. I'll keep working on songs as I am able and will look forward to sharing them when they or I am ready.


Some old bio stuff:
Since the release of my first project "Ambivalence" (with my friends in our band 'the local' Aug. 2005) I have been writing new material, learning about the production process, moving to NYC from south Florida, recording in fun and random places like Howlin Dog Studios in CO, playing shows, and attempting to navigate the world of record labels. I decided to be an Independant Artist and not take a "deal" with Universal Europe in June 2006.

I have had the privilege of opening for Imogen Heap and other friends and talented artists, and some of my older recordings are available below.

I hope these songs strike a chord.

Thanks for listening!

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Well-Known Secret EP

order the solo EP WELL KNOWN SECRET"
released January 4th 2007.

ambivalence album

If you would like to hear some other songs I was involved in writing, check out a band called The Local. My friends and I released this project in August 2005.



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  • zoom123 said:
    Hey, I was on your page checking out your tunes and just listened to Smoke and Mirrors, good stuff. I have a few questions about your music and I want to discuss the possibilities of us working together. I work at a digital record label and I can get you a distribution deal without you losing any rights to your music. Give me a call when you get a chance so I can ask you a few questions. If you want to check me out, just look at my profile, go to our website and read the %u201Cabout us%u201D section at the bottom, that will answer some of your questions. My number is (978) 279-9934 extension 212 , try to call me there rather than responding on myspace. Thanks, shoot me a call when you have a minute and if I never hear from you keep making music, it sounds great. Kathleen Curran (978) 279-9934 Ext. 212 Employee Code: 598 Your Music, Your Label Sep 24
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    hey, i really like your sound. maybe i could play you in my next podcast. e-mail me a couple mp3\'s, if you are interested. -Kyle Wallace blue216@rogers.com p.s. my music is @ purevolume.com/kylewallace & my podcast link is on there too. Jun 02
  • iWin said:
    i love your music, well done. maybe you can play somewhere close to where i live someday. keep it up. May 30
  • xoNintendo said:
    the lyrics to \"Hold Me\" are wrong or missing some of the verses.. does anyone have the actual lyrics? Apr 15
  • thinman said:
    greetings, my band uses this www.scriggleit.com I don\'t think many folks know about it, it\'s free... Thought you might be interested. -keep folkin Feb 25
  • Loveandfire said:
    Okay. So I was basically just looking around. and schtuff. and I found YOU. Wow. Your voice is amazing. by the way. Very cool. good job. don\'t let this die! I\'ll be mad. :) Nov 05
  • mleliza said:
    I think you are the next James Blunt -- not only is your music beautiful, but umm, so are you. Oct 18
  • shaneeeisrad4sho said:
    you are beautiful. Sep 28
  • whatKatydid said:
    can i marry you? Jul 26
  • 01cs_David said:
    i miss the local -dave Jun 30
  • harpist said:
    good luck with the hell of individual vs. corporation Jun 21
  • Katlin[FatObesecunt] said:
    Will you marry me? Jun 19
  • LOLauren said:
    play in miami. plz? Dec 15


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