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Keaton Branch


Genres: Indie / Folk Rock / Acoustic

Location: Houston, TX

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Keaton Branch is an indie/folk/rock artist from Houston. Former frontman for one of the city's best-known rock bands, Antinothing, Keaton began to resent the nature of rock shows and started writing on his own in the fall of 2003. His solo material is a step away from all that is worn out and cliched about the music scene. With a repertoire of music that has been described as a bold, yet delicate mix of heart-heavy lyrics and dynamic melodies, Keaton is quickly stealing the attention of people who actually care about music across the country.


  • vervespot said:
    Great guitar and vocals! I especially enjoyed the production on 'Promenade'. I went from the mainstream music industry to indie music because I just couldn't take it anymore. Glad to find artists worthy of my time :) Jan 10
  • brooke. said:
    i love your music (: Nov 26
  • rainbowdementia said:
    I love promenade. PS, I have the same shirt as you (hus not drugs) =) Aug 21
  • txmagicman said:
    Really great lyrics and chords. I look forward to going to one of your shows! Jul 23
  • longdistanceloveletter said:
    pretty delicious. Jan 03
  • x.i.cant.wait.forever.x said:
    i am in love Nov 13
  • said:
    Hey man, how\'d the showcase go?! Jul 24
  • said:
    your my insperation. Jun 28
  • surfkidd said:
    youre the most amazing singer in the world. i really really really really love promises. hope to see you live! Jun 25
  • lo said:
    you are amazing do you do any shows cuz im defintly have fam in texas i love yourr music! Jun 20
  • the RAD taylor said:
    you sound awseome. i think i will come && see ya the 16th too. very rad. im stoked. k then keep the music comin. Jun 08
  • ikisddeathgbye said:
    yeah so you\'re actually really good. i like it a lot! i wasn\'t expecting you to actually be good. this is a lovely surprise...i think im gonna come see you play on the 16th.cool. Jun 04
  • braziliangirl said:
    sounds good!!! congratulations!!! xD May 31

The Keaton Branch EP

Jul 01, 2006

Merry Christmas, Yuppies

No release date

Cold and Quiet Machines

No release date


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