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Genres: Rock / Acoustic / Alternative

Location: Charlotte, NC

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4 tracks

Members: All instruments, vocals and poetry-lyrics: katzinjamma

katzinjamma receives first OFFICIAL MUSIC CRITIQUE
By: David Slater who has been a music critic, promoter and music blogger,
uncovering independent artists, starting with IMGlobal Promotions since 2009.

Check out the official debut solo release "resoNation" written, performed and created by katzinjamma

katzinjamma is offered music contract from Lathan Entertainment on 4/10/2013.
Declined the offer due to the terms.

katzinjamma is offered music contract from TMG on 11/22/2011, consultants looked over contract.. Declined the original offer to sign.

katzinjamma has been played in on the r a d i o .
in the following 51 countries, 36 States and our nation’s capital:

China, Malaysia,Bosnia, Herzegovina, Peru, Pakistan, Ireland, Croatia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Cyprus, Serbia, AustralIa, Venezuela, Panama, Indonesia, Qatar, Germany, Tanzania,
Czech RepublIc, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Argentina, Philippines, Colombia, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Morocco, Honduras, Chile, Canada, Guatemala, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Bulgaria, India, Mexico, Israel, England, Denmark, Guatemala, Japan, Poland ...

as well as ALL over our great country the USA such as: MN, SD,WV,KY,NY,NJ,FL,VA,TX,CA,LA,OH,IL,NV,WI,PA,CO,HI,GA,KS,WA,TN,MI,IA,MD,MS,
AK,NH,UT,MA,CT,OR,AZ,AL,NC as well as our nations capital Washington DC




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Jun 15, 2003

Brooke Rowe

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United States

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