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Karmella's Game


Genres: Pop / Indie / Rock

Location: Baltimore, MD

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4 tracks

Members: KTO, Aaron, Joe, Mandy

Energetic, keyboard-driven rock music with four-part harmonies and analog synthesizers. That more or less sums up Baltimores Karmellas Game, but thatd be a pretty short bio.

Built around a mountain of keyboards, the band features siblings KTO (keys) and Joe O. (drums), Mandy K.(bass), and Aaaron (guitar), the latter having recently moved cross-country for the sole purpose of joining the group. KTO handles lead vocal duties, but all four sing on almost every song. The Charm City based four piece draws comparisons to such acts as The Rentals, Reggie and the Full Effect, The Anniversary, and even The Cars, but ultimately builds a synth-rock/power-pop sound that is all their own.

After 4 years and numerous lineup changes, the band has finally found the perfect sound, as showcased in their 2006 release The Art of Distraction. Building on the foundation heard in their 2003 debut EP What He Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him, the album takes Karmella's Game's sound to the next stage, featuring a level of songwriting craftsmanship that is all too rarely heard in todays musical scene. This is evident on such sure-fire hits as A Lullabye, Skip the Funeral, and Safely Negative, to name just a few. From the first note to the last your toes will be tapping, and the play button will innevitably be pressed again and again.

A band that must be seen live to be truly appreciated, Karmellas Game wins over virtually every audience they perform for. Heads bob, hands clap, and spontaneous dancing breaks out virtually every night as they play hit after hit. Theyve toured all over the eastern half of the country, and have been fortunate enough to share the stage with lots of amazing bands, many of which you may have heard of.

But then, none of this really matters - listen to the songs and decide for yourself.

To book Karmella's Game, or for any other inquiries, e-mail contact@karmellasgame.com.

What He Doesnt Know Wont Hurt Him and The Art of Distraction are released by Speedbump Recordings.


  • vordox said:
    Ok Karmellas Game I now have you in my radio show list! Keep me updated on latest naterial and progress. I\'m supporting you.See my profile for details. Sep 10
  • vordox said:
    Very Nice! I am not a keyboard fan in bands because its very rare when they can be made to fit without being all churchy. You have really done a great job and I love the vocals as well ! Added you to my favorites. Aug 03
  • intothehurricane said:
    post lyrics!! Jan 03
  • achemicalreal_XX said:
    I cant wait for the Skull City show! The one back in June was GREAT! Jul 29
  • KAHUNASAN said:
    Kerri....I really like the \"non-mainstream\" bands you had as favz.....I added a bunch from your list....great job....very cool bands indeed.....especially Beverly, Karmellas Game, and The Escape Frame....thanx. Apr 03
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