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Genres: Rock / Christian / Alternative

Location: TN, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Sammy and Joshua Davis, David Tucker and Craig S.

The band started our as a praise Team for a church. Then they took on the name Kairo and played all over the S.E. United States for churches and events. As of Now the band is not playing live gigs, partly because of the band being split up in different states. But now they are working on recording and perfecting a creative original sound. Hoping to get some one to pick them up. They call their style Sweet driven Rock. (We love you Lord Jesus)
Visit the souldclould @osheadavis for more kairo

"We exist to make known the Glory and Fame of God, so that all peoples will enjoy the Supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things for all times."

We to record a professional CD, with true scriptural gospel theology!

*The song "One Heart" includes the vocals done by David.
We recorded that last year in D.C.
(Some of the others were just practice recordings done at my house..)*

If you would like contact us please do so by:
Thank you: oshea davis (www.osheadavis.com)



Sweet Driven Rock - coming

No release date


Burton City, OH

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