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Genres: R&B / Rap / Hip Hop

Location: Toronto, ON

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Members: Drake | Lil Wayne | OvO Sound

Russell "MrSexBetter" Wilson (born June 28th), who records under the mononym
Juss Russ is an American recording artist and actor. He originally became known for his music upon the emergence of the Grammy Award winning and late great songwriter Stephen "Ellis" Garret also known as [Static Major] who was a member of the R&B; group titled Playa In June 2009.

Juss Russ signed a recording contract with Sony Online Entertainment Group. In January 2010 Juss Russ became a national sensation in the online market. Winning countless Independent Artist awards followed by numerous press releases about him as an artist. Juss Russ is set to release an R&B; debut album sometime in the future along with a collaboration album with artists like Drake , Lil Wayne , Trey Songz & many more however the album has been postponed for various reasons.

Juss Russ has worked with several other hip-hop artists and is slowly but surely becoming known worldwide as a singer/songwriter. With the success of his hit singles like Shortie Bad , Tell Me , & Now We're Flying Juss Russ has been nominated for several awards including statewide nominations for the Independent R&B; artist of the year. He was ranked No. 1 on
Ourstage charts and several Independent Artist hype charts.

You can download the Juss Russ android application to stream his music straight to your phone. Enjoy and be sure to check out the many links to other social sites you can find Juss Russ and download his music.

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