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Genres: Experimental / Electronic

Location: Gatineau, QC

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JU is an experimental artist who wants to be heard. Singing by the age of 11, she's always looking for new challenges. Now she's desperatly hunting bars to find herself gigs and finally let people know her. Experimenting is her key-word. She can use her voice for anything. Sometimes, it's hard to say what kind of music she's doing: "The best way I can put it, I just simply wanna try something impossible , so that my music can sound illogical. I'm mostly a visual person, so I'm trying to put paintings that I have in my head in sounds", she says with her little french Quebecer's accent. She takes the past and throw it away in the trash can with music. "Now, I'm making a whole "musical" of it!!! Creativity is a need for me and not a hobby. I'm constantly studying human behaviours, the interractions between relation ships, etc. I'm mostly a lover who fights with music. Love is writing my whole life with music."

She recently played in venues like "Brixton's Pub", "Avant-Garbe Bar" (Ottawa), 56 bar, "MercuryLounge" and few names on Quebec side too.


  • Panicore said:
    Salut je fais de la musique electronique moi aussi et je viens de gatineau on pourrait jaser un peu... Jul 06
  • Dude im a music G said:
    your music is so unique. i love your music you should put it on itunes. May 29


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