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Josiah Bohnsack (formerly Long Day...)



Genres: Acoustic / Folk / Indie

Location: Iowa City, IA, IA

Stats: 76 fans / 3,557 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Josiah Bohnsack

My voice isn't the greatest,
fine by me.

I'm an Illinoisian, but now reside in Iowa
I snowboard a lot
I skate too
I am also half of a uke duo called
We're Not Robots
more here:





  • Viral Disease said:
    its different but in a nice way. Jul 28
  • taylor said:
    I'm an Illinoisian toooo! & i love your music Jul 05
  • Cantdance said:
    your voice. to be honest...I fucking love it. You have a very cool indie style voice. I'm Loving the song Change. :) Jun 21
    Weird once bt i love it! Mar 29
  • Rogelio Cazares said:
    hey..cool music... I run a creative house and we are actually organizing a contest for independent bands that wish to have their own website (a really cool one). If you are interested in entering the contest register you band in www.akevia.com/music good luck! Mar 22
  • HelloI'mAsh said:
    I like it. Mar 16
  • AirtravelAaron said:
    Dude, if you didn't say that about your vocals I probably wouldn't have taken a second listen. Haha. At least your monotone singing blends well with the actual music. :0 One word of advice though. Timing. If you can get the timing on vocals right with the actual music you'd be bomb as heck! :D Oct 22
  • Emily said:
    haha luv that ^ not bad though:] Oct 21
  • Amy said:
    i reckon you are an inspiration.the music is great Jul 08
  • The duck who's running to... said:
    hey! love you music. I think your vocals are quite interesting & are actually the common 'type' heard out my way. Plus I think it proves that you have guts to keep being told you can't sting & still go on. Best Wishes Jun 29
  • Cookie-Faceā™„=] said:
    im sorry but i dont like your vocals at allllllllll srry Jun 23
  • Heyyitsduffyy! said:
    i'm sorry to all these people that love your voice but it just doesn't do it for me...i'm sorry but someone has to tell the truth, all these girls are just lookin for the looks of you music is good though just vocals are kinda killin me Jun 11
  • Bradi said:
    heh. wow, wow, wow. butterflies. (: Apr 29
  • faithfacemonsterface said:
    amzing Apr 10
  • KatherineKayy said:
    love yewr music... yewr vocals are different tho i still love it... its just its kinda all Ehhh... but i do like it... :) love the lyrics!>! Apr 10

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