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Baby even if it's just 6 months prego again Which helped http://www.skillya.net/ me to!Truly, freaking baby not really 6 months prego again, My son will be 6 months old on friday and i just found out 3 days ago that i am pregnant once again.My parents aren't happy about it saying that we needs to have gotten stable before we had another, but occurred(And we only seriously had sex 2 3 times the full month,).I am a new rn and have insurance and the house we live in now has decided to be put into my name.On the contrary, now i am so related to how this will all transition with my now baby who will be a year and 2 months old when this next one is born.How will i get both of them on a sleep schedule?How will i be able to pick both of them up if they're crying(My almost 6 month old is already a little cuddle bug who would like to be held 24/7)?How will i get any trips to market done with two babies?Will i everrrr get any sleep to stay sane enough to use on 2 babies, who in their right minds as well watch two babies without me having to put them into daycare, i am so overwhelmed that i haven't been able to sleep the past few nights and so i am up right now writing this.Let, First, just decant.Your situation is what it's, adding more stress isn't the solution.My youngsters are 18 months apart, having kids close together really isn't as difficult as people believe that it is.I love their close spouse, they are good friends and it's wonderful. By 14 months your older child really needs a good sleep schedule.There is no reason a child of that age can't be sleeping 10 12 hours during the nighttime.In a few months noted working on weaning off night feedings(Except during growth bursts). Chances are that both chidlren will not be crying having said that.And if/when that takes place Air Jordan 23 just hold your baby and have your son sit next to you on the couch so that he can get a little cuddle.Keeping up with two isn't tricky until they're both toddlers/preschoolers, but even then it isn't a lrage benefit.Your son would grow up a little once your new baby comes but if you make it fun for him, he won't have trouble.Let him help if you can with getting diapers, pacificiers, containers,., If you have family close i'm sure they personal computer than happy to watch both of your kids.If he doesn't, try to cheap jordans shoes for sale find a friend who is a the home mom or a small in home day care.



Posted Mar 20, 2014 at 6:14pm