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  • James Cochrane said:
    thanks for being my friend on this i dont know how to add people.... Jan 03
  • Linnea said:
    i love how calming your music is i really love it ALOT :) its beautiful Jul 19
  • brooke. said:
    your music is really great, you should definatley come to michigan :] Feb 27
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    oh Jordan, how could you take down all those cool songs such as the violin one and the drum one and jeeze there were so many good ones! i unfortunatly lost them when my laptop crashed, i was looking forward to hearing them on here! ah, at any rate,i hope all is well, have not spoken in sometime now. you continue to amaze me :] -amanda x Nov 06
  • Her_Aesthetic said:
    :) :) :) May 31
  • Patrick said:
    not bad keep it up Feb 27
  • point and laugh said:
    hey jordy amy here its been a while since i last visited your page looks like your doing really well these days keep it going youre gonna get somewhere i know it much love and Gods blessings on ya Jan 23
  • Jackie 0hmg said:
    you look like this kid i saw at the short hills mall yesterday. Jan 20
  • Jordan91 said:
    Pretty sweet instrumental that ya put up November 15th!! You keep up rocking and working hard! Nov 17
  • blbrrysprkl said:
    you pretty much rock my world! Sep 26
  • mkwaldrup said:
    hey! im usually not into acoustic stuff but ur music really changed my mind so i hope i get to here more from you!~meghan Aug 15
  • flightless thoughts said:
    i dig the way that you have so many songs. just keep writing man. check out my song at: http://www.purevolume.com/chrismullen Jul 05
  • ineedahugxOh12 said:
    your music is amazing :]] i absolutely love it! Jun 30
  • oceanside_gurl said:
    You\'re music is beautiful! I\'m sooo amazed by it! awesome! Jun 13
  • jenn said:
    sweet heart. your awsome.. and cute at that.woooooaaaahhhhh. =D keep up the good work. =D Jun 02
  • ShanelH said:
    your so good, and cute woah May 31
  • Broken Chance said:
    Well, you sure do have quiet the collection of songs! Keep goin dude, good job. May 23
  • dean smith said:
    sounds good May 19
  • loveyoumuch8134 said:
    you are so amazing. May 15
  • huleahooop said:
    you\'re adorable hahah and i lovve all of your pictures May 14