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Jordan Paul

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Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Alternative

Location: Calgary, AB

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(Time for a new bio as of June 30th, 2009)

My name is Jordan Paul. I have been writing music since early 2004. Nothing much has ever come of it. In my younger years as a musician and songwriter I thought this may be something that I would do to make a living. But as the years past nothing really happened to get me to that point. I realized that I have more fun just doing it for fun. No pressure, no worries, just the music and the thoughts that it announces. So that is what my music will be for now. Just for fun. It's not meant to be good or enjoyed by everyone. It is just something I like to do when I have some free time.

I had an interest for guitar around the age of 12, I didn't really have any skill until the age of 14 when I brought my guitar to camp. I played simple little one string songs and was quite happy with what I had accomplished. I kept plucking away for the years to follow I learnt a few songs here and there but I still didn't have a passion for writing music and lyrics. I started to play more and the more fun I had with it the more I enjoyed it. I wrote about girls and other random things. My lyrical content to the songs were never complex or had any deep meaning. I just wrote down whatever came out of my head when I was playing the song.

I kept on writing, about my relationships and what goes along with that, and then that ended and my life went on I still thought about love and life and everything else to go with it so more songs came and I got better at guitar and tried to get better at singing. My music was a secret to most people, only some girls knew and random people off the internet. It wasn't till about the end of high school that I had the confidence or courage to tell more people about what I do in my spare time. It was great to get it out there and that led me to working on my music more and more. It also lead me to vocal lessons,choir, and being a musician for the church I have attended ever since I was little.

My writing has been influenced by girls, friends, family, and random acts. But my style has come from a list of artist that I really enjoy and in no particular order here they are. Brooke Annibale, Jason Mraz,John Mayer, Teddy Geiger, Michelle Branch, Beck, Jet, Ben Lee, Ben Harper, Ben Kweller, The Rocket Summer, Jack Johnson, The Spill Canvs, Jamie Cullum, Incubus, Our Lady Peace, Donavon Frankenrieter, Matt Wertz, Dashboard Confesionals, Sufjan Stevens, Jupiter Sunrise, Star Field, Motion City Soundtrack, Sia, David Usher, and many more.

The future of my music as it stands now will be. A few songs here and there. Maybe a burst of activity for a week and then nothing for 6 months or a year. But I will always be making music. I have graduated from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology with a Diploma in Audio Recording Technology. If you have any questions on anything audio related please ask.

If you have anything you would like me to know you can write me an e-mail at: jo_j_paul@hotmail.com


  • James Cochrane said:
    thanks for being my friend on this i dont know how to add people.... Jan 03
  • Linnea said:
    i love how calming your music is i really love it ALOT :) its beautiful Jul 19
  • brooke. said:
    your music is really great, you should definatley come to michigan :] Feb 27
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    oh Jordan, how could you take down all those cool songs such as the violin one and the drum one and jeeze there were so many good ones! i unfortunatly lost them when my laptop crashed, i was looking forward to hearing them on here! ah, at any rate,i hope all is well, have not spoken in sometime now. you continue to amaze me :] -amanda x Nov 06
  • Her_Aesthetic said:
    :) :) :) May 31
  • Patrick said:
    not bad keep it up Feb 27
  • point and laugh said:
    hey jordy amy here its been a while since i last visited your page looks like your doing really well these days keep it going youre gonna get somewhere i know it much love and Gods blessings on ya Jan 23
  • Jackie 0hmg said:
    you look like this kid i saw at the short hills mall yesterday. Jan 20
  • Jordan91 said:
    Pretty sweet instrumental that ya put up November 15th!! You keep up rocking and working hard! Nov 17
  • blbrrysprkl said:
    you pretty much rock my world! Sep 26
  • mkwaldrup said:
    hey! im usually not into acoustic stuff but ur music really changed my mind so i hope i get to here more from you!~meghan Aug 15
  • flightless thoughts said:
    i dig the way that you have so many songs. just keep writing man. check out my song at: http://www.purevolume.com/chrismullen Jul 05
  • ineedahugxOh12 said:
    your music is amazing :]] i absolutely love it! Jun 30
  • oceanside_gurl said:
    You\'re music is beautiful! I\'m sooo amazed by it! awesome! Jun 13
  • jenn said:
    sweet heart. your awsome.. and cute at that.woooooaaaahhhhh. =D keep up the good work. =D Jun 02


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