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A Few Lesser Known Job Opportunities In Medicine

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Have you been thinking about a career within medicine? The not so good news is that for several of these kinds of careers there are lots of years of study ahead of you.

The great news is that there's a greater range of job possibilities than you might have realized, which means you have a much better chance of finding a profession that meets your interests and skills.

Here are a handful of examples of the sort of medical jobs to choose from which do not necessarily get a mention on careers day.


This is the type of job you might be keen on if you wish to operate in a medical field however you are also not the type of person who likes to be stuck behind a desk all day long.

The paramedic takes on a vital role in making sure that fast and effective treatment is given to people on the scene and also whilst they transfer the affected person to the local medical facility.

To perform this work you have to be the sort of person that can manage pressure very well. You'll be handling a broad range of problems and the pace at which you are able to supply treatment could make a significant difference to the recovery of your patients.

Your training begins with the EMT basic program and you will progress from that point with both theoretical studies as well as on the job education.

You can visit our website to learn more on becoming a paramedic

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Even though it's a job title which feels like it comes from a Bond movie, the work carried out by a nuclear medicine tech is not quite this exciting.

The basic work carried out by these skilled professionals revolves around assisting to diagnose disease or health conditions using material which are considered to be radioactive.

The material helps create images which can be reviewed and used to see whether the patient is displaying signs of something that might be become a problem.

Medical Lab Tech

As the name may imply, the medical lab tech spends a lot of their working time executing lab work. And in a hospital there's no shortage of work that must be completed in the lab.

On any given day the lab tech can be required to prepare samples that have to be evaluated; run tests on blood or urine for drugs and chemical substances; analyse body fluids for the existence or lack of a variety of materials; talk about results of test findings to applicable parties.

This is simply a sample of the sort of jobs the medical lab technician will carry out but it offers you a sense of the sort of range of responsibility they've got.

If you're the type of person who is both interested in scientific disciplines and is keen to be employed within some kind of health care field this may be exactly the sort of career that you would be ideal for.

Medical careers aren't restricted to simply physicians and registered nurses - there's such a wide range of jobs to pick from that if medicine is where you want to be than you ought to have no difficulty locating something that fits you perfectly

Hopefully one of the careers above is appealing to you, but if they aren't that's fine - these should be considered as just the kick off point that you use to keep researching the options.

Posted Jan 05, 2013 at 2:43pm