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Joaquin Gustav


Genres: Jazz / World / Acoustic

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Name: Joaquin Gustav

Second Life Musician
Joaquin is a highly trained guitarist, born and received his music education in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the birthplace of tango. Out of his fingers comes an array of string sounds that blend the colors of Latin American culture with his own elegant performing style.
One of the hardest working musicians in SL, Joaquin never puts the guitar down. He is forever focused on giving one hundred percent to every performance. His wide range playlist includes smooth jazz, rock, tango, milonga, candombe and much more.
His magnetic charm is as appealing as his musical talent, and managed to build a very successful fan base. He has a very warm interaction with the audience, always ready for dedications and requests.

Second Live Experience:
There are too many locations to list, but here are just a few:
Winner of the LEMA 2009 Music Award for Best Latin Musician.
Many Second Life Music Community events, Relay for Life, Sunset Jazz, Jade's Jazz, The New Vibe, Cascadia, Sailors Cove, Nantucket, The Giving Tree, Kounak, The Ruins of Lloth, Tabasco, Cat's Club, Moulin Rouge, Eolus and many many more..

We start 2010 with new album, LIVING ALIVE , with live songs I played last months , remixed and remastered , thank you


  • Julieana Cannoli said:
    Classical Guitarist Extraordinaire! I love to listen to Joaquin he's an amazingly talented musician/composer/singer, I can not get enough of Joaquin! Even more then his musical ability hes is an amazing person with an adventurous heart! The most incredible thing about Joaquin is he plays with his soul, you can hear it/feel it in his music... this sets him above most talented musicians! You know how he feels when he plays, and he absorbs/gives back with the audience like no other musician I have met! Sep 24
  • Kai said:
    Sweet tunes look forward to hearing you live in Openlife on the weekend. May 05
  • Torin said:
    best guitarist in sl ,, writing this while listening to him playing tango ,, he rocks Sep 17
  • Kaila Mayo said:
    Joaquin is just one of the best live musicians in SL. Always guaranteed to give a brilliant and exciting performance. Sep 03
  • anima zabaleta said:
    !ai! !!como toca la guitarra!! mi amigo caleeb me dio este link cuando no pudo estar en el club lonely yak la otra noche... ojala que tengo tiempo la proxima vez... ?Juega otro sitios en SL? una aficionada nueva - anima zabaleta Jul 16

Living Alive

Jan 01, 2010

Xmas is A Summer Thing

Dec 03, 2009

Bon Vivant

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