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  • Sandrine Besteller said:
    Love it Mar 12
  • ༺ღ ℜaveη ღ༻ said:
    jimi was the best and always will be. rip jimi May 30
  • Kaitlin Hunter said:
    check out my videos for hey brother and the music man www.purevolume.com/kaitlinhunter Jun 17
  • *Elektrik* said:
    JIMI mutha fuckin HENDRIX!!!! Nov 05
  • Pancho said:
    Yeah ! Jimmy Sep 10
  • Pancho said:
    Rock From Argentina ! http://www.purevolume.com/karrara Please Become Fan Sep 10
  • runmbaby said:
    yeah! ;) Nov 11
  • theocean:D[juliette] said:
    my friend goes to his highschool,garfeild high. lucky mo fo rip jimmy :C Mar 18
  • SirSteveeFOOl said:
    RIP Jimmy. We all miss you. Dec 02
  • make a change said:
    you gotta put up if 6 was 9! Nov 12
  • Nelson said:
    Hendrix is awesome and a pillar of all good music... peace out bitches!!!! purple haze is now Jul 11
  • McDonalds said:
    Iwish i could play guitar like him May 17
  • killergroove said:
    jimi hendrix world's greatest guitarist that had ever lived im such huge fan of jimi's for the last ten years, his music still lives and has an influence on me, espacially when iam playing the guitar mate, jimi rocks. Mar 26
  • Marshall said:
    No Voodoo Chile is the long version of the song Voodoo child is the re cut thats only like 5 min. long Mar 06
  • rawrdinorobotrawr said:
    god he\'s amazing. can make some downloadable???????? Nov 21
  • rawrdinorobotrawr said:
    best g of all time. made the world change. Nov 20
  • 110dgaf said:
    Add Comment here... Oct 06
  • crazytiller said:
    Jimi Hendrix the greatest guitar player EVER!!! May 18
  • normar said:
    jimi=god Mar 30
  • benspears88 said:
    Actually his birthname was James Marshall Hendricks (not Hendrix; that came later). Anyway, best guitarist ever! Mar 30