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Genres: Indie / Experimental

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Stats: 2 fans / 145 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Jon, Steve, Matt, Chris, Joe

Q: What is Jigsaw Soul?

Currently residing in Brooklyn, the band Jigsaw Soul is not an easy act to pigeonhole. When crafting their sound they have taken the road less traveled, drawing on a wide array of influences without actually sounding like any of them. By piecing together seemingly disparate elements and extremely diverse musical styles, the band has delivered fascinating juxtapositions that never abandon the principles of good song writing and retain a vigilant awareness of the need for dynamic execution. The music itself is an eclectic set of rhythmic space rock, propelled by a deep undulating groove and layer upon layer of atmosphere that envelopes and ultimately haunts the listener. Vocal harmonies abound, as well as an intricate style of call and response singing. (Think Al Green, fronting the Chili Peppers, covering Mogwai). The lyrical themes in Jigsaw's songs explore from several writers perspectives the rollercoaster ride that life in a modern urban environment can often be, running the gamut from a lust for life and the joy of new experiences, to feelings of exhaustion and intense alienation. Never veering too far in either direction, balancing optimism and realism, these songs weave their stories of lifes ebb and flow. While imminently relatable and enjoyable in its recorded form, this music presents best in a live setting. Live performances feature stunning widescreen digital graphics and are at times augmented by innovative contemporary dance. To achieve this end, the band has enlisted the help of choreographer/dancer's Katti Yamashita and Mary Madsen and their troupe, as well as a film/animation crew including Chris Piazza, Jonathan Lourenco, Keith Rigling and Devrim Kadirbeyoglu. With creative music delivered in a heartfelt manner and amazing visuals, Jigsaw Souls live performances offer something for every one. Come see the band play live. Move your feet, mind and soul!



Jigsaw Soul

Jul 24, 2006