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A unique and unheard of sound before.


Genres: Techno / Electronic / Experimental

Location: Bronx, NY

Stats: 200 fans / 24,138 plays / 16 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Andrew G., Piano/Vocals/Everything Else

Ready to break out, Andrew has put together a sound he hopes is unique and honest, down to earth. Using synths from his iphone, reason 4.0, garageband, keytar, and from his creative mind, his sound blends many different instruments and sounds. Fans of Breathe Carolina, Owl City, and Kill Paradise have drawn similarities in his music to their own. Only 19 years old and improving with every song made, look for much improvement still to come.
Hope you enjoy :)

Old album under artist "Finish This Now" on itunes!
Finish This Now - When I Look Inside Myself: the Sky Turns Blue


  • Caleb said:
    Niceee listen to... http://www.purevolume.com/qbiqNIGHTkilla... and see what you think Oct 12
  • Survivethenight! said:
    pretty good, check out my music??? http://www.purevolume.com/Survivethenight/62836 :D Feb 01
  • mylogic said:
    Hey bud, buy a metronome asap. You've got some good ideas in there somewhere. Nov 21
  • _Steff_ said:
    haha I have exactly the same keyboard you're holding in your hand in your pic lol Nov 19
  • pureRadiance said:
    I have literally no idea what you are saying in any of your songs. Take off that crappy voice effect. Just sing normal. Nov 19
  • David_TheForties said:
    I like it man! Unique as hell but definitely catchy! Nov 19
  • nathan lange said:
    sounds good just needs work on time and lag...keep it up Nov 18
  • nathan said:
    cool! Nov 17
  • Spencer said:
    Pretty good, although the lyrics could use a little work. Nov 16
  • hotchick89 said:
    heyyy!! can you put uppp the lyrics to Dreaming of Laughter??? Its sooo cuteeee! Sep 17
  • hotchick89 said:
    Andrewww! I love a new dayyy!!! Its soooo good!! xoxo May 01
  • hotchick89 said:
    Andrewww! I love a new dayyy!!! Its soooo good!! xoxo May 01
  • elmosaurous! said:
    andddd. if you need a female vocalist, i can help you. lol. Feb 03
  • elmosaurous! said:
    you're an amazing singerrrr. :D what made you start singing? if you don't mind me asking. =] Feb 03
  • Ben Lee said:
    you should make these nights downloadable!!! PLEASE!!! Nov 06

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