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Jesus Aaron


Genres: Acoustic / Alternative

Location: Atlanta, GA

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At 10:23 pm on September 21, 1977 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, Jesus Aaron was born. He was given the name Aaron Peter at birth (It wasn't until later in life that people began to call him Jesus). As soon as he was old enough to travel (about 2) his parents took him to India, to places well known for their spiritual significance. While there, he was repeatedly and emphatically blessed by a renowned holy man in a manner quite uncommon and rarely, if ever, seen in that place. Two more trips followed thereafter, and the blessings continued. While this may have whispered of things to come, the rest of his childhood seemed fairly normal.
He first began writing poetry and playing guitar around the turn of the millenium. Though he had no musical training to speak of, he picked it up naturally and was soon writing songs. And it was around that time, at open mics and early performances that people began to call him Jesus.. At the university, students would sometimes gather around after class to ask him questions about life or the universe. If one speaks to him about spiritual topics it is very easy to understand why people call him Jesus. But of the iconic handle he says, "I know it sounds so big, but God is really in everything. All is my Father. I see the divine in everyone. People's awareness and level of consciousness affects how well it flows through them and manifests in the material world, but it is truly omnipresent; I make no apologies for knowing this; nor for employing one of God's names as my own. It is my own. This form is one the divine has provided for my use, and while beautiful to me, it is really not that important. It is only a vehicle; I exist beyond it. I do certain types of work through it. I also play through it. But it is not me. The name Jesus Aaron is only a handle which befits this form. Nothing more."
Musically he is often compared to Bob Dylan, which is easy to understand when one hears tracks like "America Wake Up" and "Kin of Nietzsche", but his style is truly unique with influences from many different musical genres. And his music ranges quite far as well: Folk to Anti-Folk, Rock to Rockabilly, Mood Soothing Mellows to Rambling Gymnastics of Mind. Sugar for your ears and protein for your soul. The sonic equivalent of Mother's Milk.



Kin of Nietzsche

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