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Jenoah Pro


Genres: Rock / Punk / Death Metal

Location: San Bernadino, CA

Stats: 851 fans / 135,467 plays / 63 plays today






Members: zachary, Robbie, Stephen

We began in 2003, and Southern California is where we stay. We Love what we play, and we wont have it any other way. So OUR music started off sounding some what like a mathematical pop freakout, we released an E.P. called "Morning is when Jenoah wakes up" only available through the internet or at the merch booth of a Jenoah show. It had its moments , the record that is, but THE BAND as a whole was not satisfied with what they were Projecting. Changes were made and our four piece became a three piece, and we stopped playing the old songs which pissed off a large number of our fanbase, I think we might of even lost a few fans because of it, BUT OH WELL the truth is what is Beautiful and the truth is this," the music of which we play stirs my soul , and it shows when I project myself through the athmosphere" many may not care for what is true , but hey If you wanna have a good time you gotta come all clean, and sing it in your songs from your heart to the crowd , and well THATS what Jenoah does every time we play. In 2006 we are expecting to release an Album on DTR. We have many beautiful straight up rock n roll soul fusion funkadelic revolution jams for all you brothers and sisters out there, and if you like that shit than check us out .LOVE THOSE WHO LOVE.

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  • Megan [: said:
    i like you guys. Vocals are great but I am not a fan of your guitar. Oct 25
  • Mel said:
    Yeah, I gotta agree with others. Your genre listings are all wrong. You're not death metal at all. And you're really not punk either. You've got 1 or 2 punk elements in your music, but the songs aren't punk. But the songs are good! May 24
  • 818-4:20 said:
    what i hear you somber. fucking joke Jul 12
  • Somberkiss said:
    Putting death metal is a joke, but if you want a damn joke go to jokes.com.......fuck May 20
  • The Skyline Surrender said:
    You guys are sick!!! If you have a minute, please check out The Skyline Surrender at purevolume.com/theskylinesurrender They have FREE downloads too!!!!! Thanks Mar 06
  • Brandon.919 said:
    wow alot of harsh words below. maybe they put death metal as a joke? faggots. this is good. Oct 22
  • .MelleAri. said:
    Lol. I was waiting for the "death metal" to kick in.... Never did. Jun 27
  • perishablehumanblood said:
    you suck fukkin losers should make some good music and stop callin yourselves a death metal band. yeh its death metal alright bored to death metal Mar 01
  • seanisgod said:
    i fucking love jenoah reform and play a gig for me please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oct 21
  • TheThingYoureMissingisME said:
    I really, REALLY enjoy you. Please come to Philly and put out much more music. Oct 14
  • Primal Enemy 14 said:
    Hey you guys rock! Another good band is...... Primal Enemy at purevolume.com/primalenemy Mar 14
  • dionne11 said:
    i loved the EP...but keep doing your thing and growing as musicians! people are weird. if they don\'t like the next thing you put out, oh well. it matters that you love it. hope you come to seattle sometime... Dec 04
  • eh said:
    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Oct 23
  • The Paradise Rock C:D said:
    [x.. Aug 19
  • said:
    hi, you need to be know, soon :) well i mean a CD that sells throught America :) at least May 27

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