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J Beatz Pro


Genres: Rap / Hip Hop / R&B

Location: Worcester, MA

Stats: 126 fans / 70,385 plays / 196 plays today





31 tracks

Members: Jackson (the producer)

posted up a couple new tracks.


J Beatz


  • mattyshack said:
    For beats check out: http://www.purevolume.com/Cobeshack Nov 19
  • Dwayne Dickey said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/DReal Jun 06
  • Xx_Rubber-Band_xX said:
    Yo, you love hip hop, and reading about the history of it? Then we know the place for you.. Check out www.hiphopoth.com, read up on the history of hip-hop and join the forums! Share your stories and opinions on artists, and read articles about your favorites! Lets hear your voice!! Check it out we'd love to see you there! :D Feb 18
  • Jon R said:
    man this is sick Sep 06
  • Aliwild said:
    whuts hattnin i got some new tracks on my page check em put lemme know if u dig em.become a fan if u like em.yo i like the story beat holla at me i wnna use it. Mar 14
  • ronmower1992 said:
    hot beats Aug 02
  • Jrucka said:
    YO im feelin your searchin beat and i produce and i wanna kno wat else you got keep up the good work Jun 04
  • Linkly said:
    if your from worcester then why do you have a picture of a bunch of palm trees May 01
  • tanacea said:
    My band uses this great free service. I thought you might be interested in it. www.scriggle-it.com Feb 21
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    Hello, I would love it if you could be a fan of mine. Could you please listen to my music? If you are interested then go to www.purevolume.com/kylewallace -Kyle ps. i\'m liking your sound Feb 01
  • falloutboy_fan said:
    hey you are not that bad looking.. and i love your songs... well add me as one of your friends Dec 06
  • prevertedwithacapitalp said:
    hey this is 78 d ( lauren) on my other username...thanx for the friend request....hey you\'re really good...love ya xoxoxo Apr 06
  • tron said:
    jp, i like this one a lot (mellow tunes). you should have a looser sounding drum beat though. maybe more bongos or some shit like that. just a type of drum that\'s gonna echo more. you should develop this into a full song. -- stellion Jan 26
  • tron said:
    Jbeatz, that whistle makes stellion and tron want to smack you. Get rid of that fucking thing. Otherwise, killer tracks. Jan 26
  • tron said:
    Sweet new profile photo. Jan 24


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